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I suspect 1549 A.D.
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Medieval manuscript researchers studying how medieval mail art was produced insisted for me to join IUOMA for almost a century. Point is that mail art and IUOMA are seriously addictive and here I´m today dealing poorly with my fatal flaw. Hooked forever in this ego trip....a good one!
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The Celestial Scribe
Terrene Embassy
Republik van Patland
Caixa Postal 461

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  • Carien van Hest

    Sadly I got the mail art for you returned today... 

    Did I miss something in your address? (see pictures)

  • Mark Johnson

    Patricio, I posted mail art to you. Your post to me took about 3 weeks. I suppose the journey to you will be similar.

  • Carita Sire'n / OxO


    Thank you so much!

    I will try!

    (Sorry late answer, I have not been quite wrell and this site is a bit difficult for me to use)