I now have the details of our Vinyl Art Exhibition, and they are as follows:

Location: Médiathéque de Sigean, France

Dates: 10 - 18 April, 2015

Vinyl must be received: before 3 April

Specifications: 12" 33 rpm Vinyl, onl. Painted/collaged on one side only. With a title.

Post your Vinyl to me at this address:

   Mark Parmentier-Herman,

   7 rue de la Vieille Fontaine,

   F-11130 Sigean,


(Mme Parmentier is a kind old lady who lives opposite me; She is usually at home when the postman comes mid-morning and takes in my parcels. Otherwise, he won't leave them for me, and I have to get them from the Post Office which is a biiiiiig drag)

Context: the Vinyl Art Exhibition will be the opening event in the 1st Sigean Art Festival (no prizes for guessing who is organising this) -- a 2 week event featuring 3-5 Exhibitions, art workshops, street painting, pop-up exhibitions, etc. (More details on this later)

If possible, could you let me know in advance if you are going to send me any Vinyl, and if so how many pieces? More the better!



Vinyl Val

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Já tomei nota dos detalhes.


Great, that gives me a little more time.  The Paris Marathon is on April 12th.  When is the opening party in Sigean?

Dean, the opening vernissage is on the evening of Friday 10th April. If you come for it, you'll just about have enough time to run back to Paris for the start of the Marathon -- it's only about 850 kms door to door, 20 or so marathons.

Alternatively, you could come to the closing 'finisssage' on Saturday 20 April. In fact that would probably be a better idea as, when you've finished the Paris Marathon, you could spend the next 6 days running down to Sigean, and that would only mean about 140 kms a day -- a mere 3 marathons.

My company used to sponsor (and I used to be responsible for it) the UK Ultra Distance Running Club -- 100 km races, 100 mile races 12 & 24 hour races, and so on. I can give them your contact details if you like. After you've run to Sigean, of course.

Keep on runnin'.

Keep on vinylin'.




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