Bonjour boys and girls!


Angie and Snooky told us yesterday that:

"This year July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This apparently happens once every 823 years."

I propose that we celebrate it with a Postal History Boutique Special Mailing in July.


The theme is FIVE (or vijf, viisi, cinq, funf, cinque, fem, piec, cinco, etc)


There are 5 rules to this Mailing:

1. You must mail on Tuesday 5th July

2. On a pentagram shaped card (or on a pentagram superimposed on the front of an envelope)

3. Your piece must have a 5-theme (see below). You have to tell the Mailing List Co-ordinator (Guess who? Yes, me) what your 5-theme) is going to be

4. It must include at least one 5-cent (or local currency equivalent) postage stamp. [If a 5-cent stamp is unavailable, then a 15, 25, 35 etc stamp is acceptable, as long as it has a 5 in it.]

5. Er, I don't have a 5th rule yet...any ideas, gang?


Possible 5-themes are:

* Renault 5

* Chanel No 5

* 5 senses

* Take 5

* 5 wounds of Jesus

* 5 Olympic Circles

* The Famous Five

* 5 books of Moses

* High 5

* etc, including of course any other(s) that you care to choose.


Please let me know -- with your full mailing address, and the 5-theme you have chosen -- if you would like to participate in this once-in-a -823-year-occasion mailing* .


Regards, Val


* Regretfully, the Postal History Boutique cannot commit at this moment in time (ie now) to organise another mailing on this theme in 2834


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 5 = ΠΕΝΤΕ πέντε!

5 Olympic Circles in July! (along with the 12 Olympic Greek gods?)

Well, for sure: 5 Olympic Circles

Katerina Nikoltsou

Glinou 20 Harilaou Thessaloniki 54249 GREECE


-Fifth rule of the "5" could be that we must be 5 or 15 or 25 people on the mailing list?




Thanks Angie and Snoopy. So far the response has been disappointing, nay pitifull.  Besides yourselves, there is only Katerina committed. Me makes 3. If we don't get to at least 5 participants,  I propose to stop this initiative. Any ideas as to how to spark any more interest in it? Perhaps a word from the Managing Director and/or a threat to set her fearsome corgi on those who don't join in? Hope you are well. Regards, Val
This is the second time comments of mine have gone *poof!* into the ethers here at this page. Very strange......

"Katerina is committed" which institution, duh?

Actually, Angie has it correct...

let's keep this discussion alive,

but wait until after April 12th

to launch a new attack on unsuspecting members ;-)

Let sleeping dogs lie (but Corgi always tells the truth, right?)

Ok Gang!

Five is Alive...

....for now...still.

Then we can re-launch the idea in mid-April, and keep it 'open' for (say) 15 days, and then if it doesn't get enough support forget about it. calls.

Five thrives,

 Regards Val

I like this idea... I am working on a 5-themed topic.  I will return soon with more info as it develops...and I will attach my new address soon.  (I bought a house!)
Thanks Jen! We now have 4 in 5. Is your new house in Dallas When do I get my invitation to your house-warming party? Regards, Val
New house is in Waxahachie, about 20 miles south of Dallas.  You are always invited, I'll send out special new house art soon.  We don't get to move in until May- as part of my packing duties, I will be purging extraneous bits and bobs- can't pack very much in the boot of a mini.  So into the mail it goes!
Thanks. 'Wakahachie' sounds very, I think the correct phrase is 'ethnic Indian'. perhaps you have bought a teepee. Thanks for the invitation (don't forget to include a 1st class return air ticket with it). Between now and May what mail we receive from you should be interesting... Bestest Val 
No teepee, wigwam, yurt, wikiup or any other stick-based domicile.  This one has a real roof and walls and running water!  AND, during our inspection, we found that it has a secret safe sunken into the closet floor!  I'm dying to know what's in it, swiss gold?  a lost Vermeer? Jimmy Hoffa?  I can't stand not knowing!!

Now that's a good theme for a Mail Ary call! "What's in Jen's secret safe?"

Hopefully it's something very special.

Regards, Val

Have you told Jen?

You should!

Regards, Val



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