What is ascemic writing?

What is visual poetry?

I have a pen pal who is interested in learning about them after telling her that I read Judith women making visual poetry and it was my favorite art book of 2021.

Your responses will be printed and mailed to her. Thank you!

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Asemic writing is writing down non-existent characters. 

To me asemic writing is a calming exercise for my brain as well as my mind. I give my hands the opportunity to let go of the controlling system of my will. 

Practising keeping an asemic journal is a way to letting steam of emotions. Asemic diaries need no lock!

Also new formed letters give me joy with their surprising beauty. Sometimes I use them to practise calligraphy, I call them callisemics https://callisemics.blogspot.com/

Asemics are very intriguing. I follow some practitioners on Insta. Especially their little movies often take my breath away. 

Recently I took up asemic embroidery, it's so much fun.

In short, asemics, highly recommended!

Thank you! Will send her your response 




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