.Formerly arac'n'kram who "were looking after this site while Vizma has gone walkabout. We look forward to when Viz re-emerges in NY & meets arac. Until then let's keep the show on the road, folksl"

She's back. And so is the Viz'n'Val roadshow.

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No way was there smoke after! I only save that for you, Dean!! Ha ha!

I made you know who buy it and it was $90. HA! I only let him have a bit anyway! ;-)

A 'bit'? Of what?

Oh Oh Oh, misunderstanding here.  I meant after you opened the champagne bottle did it look like smoke was coming out ... it's a sign from Mail Art Omens.

A bit of a drip, Val.

Where there's smoke there's fire, Dean, so watch your letterbox!

Val, please release me from under the pillow, I can't breathe!!

Ok, you're released...but remember it was only on condition htat you went straight to the fridge, did not pass go, and came back with 2 cold beers.

It's the official opening and vernissage at 'my' gallery tonight, so if you're not doing anything special come by for some fun and games, well a few glasses of the local vino.

The art gallery on-the-square at Sigean has th bubbly tonight for the opening?

What a lovely place that gallery is! Here's to artsy success there, Val!

And "..a bit of a drip"? Girl, I am not even going to comment on that! :-)

Hope it went well Val! Did I or didn't I say let me out from under your pillow here last week? That's kooky, lots of my messages have been deleted somehow!? Maybe TORmentor Carina thought I was being too rude!!

oops, i meant KATerina!!

Sorry Val, you shouldn't have offered me so many drinks!! I thought it'd be rude to refuse...

Yippee!! London Tate Moderne here I come! Will I be staying at Martha's house?

Bonjour! Viz has drunk me out of house and home, and with Xmas coming has gone to seek new vineyards, I mean fresh pastures. And so, she is going to Marta's where I'm sure she will be very well looked after, fed and boozed, and taken to the tate for the Earthworm Awards.

It's been a pleasure having you Viz. Have a happy time in Retailia.


How nice...Viz is going to the Tate!

Does she have a warm coat, umbrella?

It is jolly ol' England ya know, not sunny warm Greece or Oz.

Vizma, have a nice visit with Mail Art Martha! 

I think Bianca will miss you.

Well, Viz, the world didn't end today. Wanna come over to my place and share a few bottles to celebrate this non-event?




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