Some people have Brain Cells, others have Fan Clubs, I have HATS!

The various things that adorn my head -- hats, sort of lobsters from Maine, wigs -- will be featured here. I'll change the photos from time to time. In the meantime, please feel free to continue as usual and make all sorts of silly comments about my hats.

SEND ME YOUR HATS! All contributions will be greatly received. All will be featured here.


And here's one for starters.....

PS. My Greek Hat avatar was a present from Katerina N: thank you, Katerina!

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Wonderful! Brilliant! I will enjoy joining in this discussion.

Tha Mad Hatter

Είσαι ένα παλικάρι, Βαλεντίνο μου!

Don't take off that Greek Red Cap ;-)

Katerina~the Greek Hat avatar is hilarious...absolutely priceless.  It could only be better if we could talk Val into shaving his beard and dying his eyebrows screaming yellow.

Why would you ask Val to do that too, are you trying to create an army of us?


There are limits, dear Varac, as to what I'm prepared to do to make a right idiot of myself, and I think you've just discocvered what those limits are. Screaming Yellow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would clash with my nail varnish, so NO!

You tell 'em, Austin!

PS Instead of sending me a hat Austin, perhaps you could donate some hair -- you seem to have an abundance of it, and I don't have very much at all. Thank you.

my humble hat haiku


val's hat of yellow

like the nest of golden straw

hugs the cuckoo's egg

Thta's a great haiku, Anna!

I plan to change hats every couple of weeks or so. Would you like to be the Official Haiku-ist?


No, but I shall humbly serve as thy Hatku-ist!


red hat with pull chain

wonder at the click when pulled

will the light come on

Thank you, Anna my...;and others ... Hatku-ist!


The Greek Presidential Guard wear that red cap, Val!

Stand tall...stand proud !


This about HATS, Dear KDJ. If you want to start a Skirts and/or Matching Accesories Discussion, then do go start one....

I read somewhere that if you wee on your hair it grows back lovely and thick. Or maybe it just turns it screaming yellow....




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