Dear friends, this is not the first time I have learned that my American friends have not received my mail. This was not the case before.

I live in Russia. Maybe the US Postal Service has slowed down? Can I send my collages to the US or is it better to wait? If I am waiting, how long should I refrain from sending mail?

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Dear Ilya, 

I'm so agitated about our postal service. The new person that's been put in charge at the highest government level, is doing his best to create chaos in the name of making the service better. This is so wrong. We've never had anything like this happen before. The USPS was sacred. Sadly, no more, BUT we have elections coming up and if all goes well, this person will be replaced and the new person will put things right. In the meantime, the mail carriers, carry on. I am fortunate, I get mail daily and my dear mail carrier picks up mail at my door, including packages. If you check out my Facebook page, you'll see I"ve reposted my love poem to the postal service. 

best to you


Dear Mim,

I am very grateful to You. I will probably still send collages to the US, although my heart is restless. I hope for the best!

The mail is running a little slower than usual but nothing where I wouldn’t be worried About not sending anything at all. They are just tidying up some loose ends Etc. It’s maybe running 2 days later than normal In the US for letters packages are still going just As fast as they were before.

I sent an envelope in June to Cambridge, MA and another envelope to Idaho. Both messages have not yet been delivered to their recipients. Usually, mail from Moscow to the United States goes for one month...

Dear friends, thank you for your detailed explanations.

Hello Ilya --- I picked up my mail on Friday, August 21, and your wonderful mail art was one of the items that I received. I mailed one of my new art cards to you yesterday.

I know that mail to some areas in the U.S. has been slow. I have relatives who live in rural areas and they have reported delays in mail delivery.




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