These are the postal rates in the Netherlands starting from januari 2009. Yes, again they raised the rates. Do you have the rates from your country nearby? Could you post them here?

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Hi ruud.
I post on my site, on the page: serval link of post office in serval contry with interactiv modul where you could fond the price of what you send.
PS: If some of you know any link to the page of the post office of your country which shows the rates of shipments and that I have not yet on my site, I invite you to tell me.
That's only good for the next 8 days, Wilma...

Then we have 54cents in Canada, $1.15 oversize
96cents to the USA
1.65 everywhere else...

And to the sorrow of mail artists, we have a new rate - "Irregular Oversize" which starts at $2.36... no more bottles or tennis sneakers or sesame bagels!
That is funny. Our postal rates to abroad also went up 2 cents. Seems like they made a bad arrangement there....
These are some that I've needed in the past (but the current rates):

Hong Kong -

Sweden - (domestic mailing inside Sweden only, but it's in english) and the interactive guide, which includes everything, not just domestic mail within Sweden, but it's only available in Swedish -

Japan - international mail from Japan (in english and interactive) -
for domestic letters within Japan -
I forgot to post the postcard rates and size restrictions for Japan Post in country:
Thank you very much Carla.
The Brazilian mail has an electronic system, where you calculate the fee according to weight, size, destination, etc.
But despite the apparent convenience,
rates are high and tolerance is minimal with envelopes.

We can't send almost anything that comes out of the standard size (envelopes and boxes are standardized).
Different materials usually back to back, no post.
The mailartist have to circumvent the attendants!
I have had many discussions with officials, trying to explain what is mailart and why postal transmission of material that is different from the others.
Sometimes, he is convincing and allows the post.
To do so almost always use the same official, who is in a way sympathetic to my work.
Forgive my bad english

Here is the links of values / rates post:

For those of you who like statistics: starting March 2, 2009 the French postal rates increased as follows for urgent mail up to 20 g:

sent within France: +1.82%to €0.56
sent to other European Union countries: +7.7% to €0.70 (!)
sent to countries outside the EU: no change - remained at €.085
Hello Ruud, The rates will be going up in the United States I believe in May 2009 here is a link to rates now



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