Do you prefer to receive mail art that is original (such as an original drawing or collaged piece of mail art) or are you okay with receiving printed or reproduced mail art? Is there a mail art etiquette regarding this or does anything go? Mail art calls don't seem to specify one way or another and when people send me things, they seem as often as not to be prints/reproductions rather than originals. I could send out a lot more mail to a lot more people if I sent reproductions of some of the artwork I've done, but I don't know if that goes against the idea of mail-art. Should each piece be an original? I was thinking so, but I am now uncertain. So, I am curious about what the mail artists here tend to do.


Your opinions would be appreciated!


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Anything goes, I do both original & repos.

By sending out reproductions you can share with a larger group of people.

Reproductions can be altered to make each one unique.


Oh Boy!


I find this an interesting question and will watch comments - Personally I have always made each piece an "original" - I do photo copy old photographs for my own use, but even if I make multiples of an idea I do stamp, cut , paste etc each piece individually. Lately I have been thinking about copying some of my collage pieces because once a piece is used it is gone forever and it is hard to let go. 

This is very interesting subject.


I have received some awesome art done by computer, fotoshop and advanced techniques or creation and printing !  The skill and beauty, for me, makes such work very welcome. And I am left wishing I could do work like that.


I do love the idea that people might make a little unique pencil mark or paint, ink etc on such pieces make each unique.


In fact, I beleive each piece is unique anyway because of creases, marks and stuff that happens in transition / transit -- even before it leaves your studio / kitchen table !


'The paper carries its history', 


I love that quote !!!  :)

The first piece I received from this group was a postcard of the artist's work.  I loved it ... Photograhphy is art too!! my feeling is if you made it and want to send it do so! It will be appreciated (ps checked out your work and it is awesome!!)

I for one would love to receive it !  :)
Yes, I like photography too and would be happy to receive it.
Prosthet if you took the photo sign it, it's your work of art.  Send them signed. I'll be happy to see the name of the person who took the picture in a specific time and space.

'I've been wanting to make photographic postcards with the story behind each photo written on the back. Signed, numbered and possibly stamped would be ideal'        (Prosthet)
That would be terrific i think Prosthet.  Really worthwhile
The simplest way of expressing my opinion is to say that I like things that are made by hand. There is nothing wrong with digital art or reproductions, but I gravitate towards mediums that are hands on.

I agree with you and with Helder Coelho Dias....."it must have handmade artistic elements, like collage, drawing, painting etc. "

Imagine if in a mail art show all works were photocopies. It would lack a little bit... that "breath of life"...But it depends on everyone's sensibility.....I send "what I like to receive".....

As someone already said, I prefer to receive original works made ​​with hands, i dont like digital art, to approve it, must have handmade artistic elements, like collage, drawing, painting etc.
I like originals, but a numbered and limited print is also an original. I like it too if a piece of art shows a personal touch ( Handschrift in german). But art is free! So its not so important what I like. And its great that the Mail art world is big and there are so many different "types" of art




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