In the last couple of days I've come across a few people in IUOMA who are cat lovers and feature their mogs in their work -- Cheryl Penn (& her Chinchilla, of course), Maria F, Lindsay Stewart are all cat people whom I have corresponded with, and I'm sure there are many others who might be reading this.


So here's a suggestion.....let's see if we can get enough people interested to form a Cat Group. (It will need a better name -- suggestions most welcome.) Works of art from members of this Group would have to feature cats or cat-related things.


My cats -- Bianca and Trouble -- think this is an excellent idea -- and I hope that you do too.


Let me know if you're interested in setting this up?






I attach -- I think, I hope -- an envelope I prepared 'For the Love of Cats' project

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Thanks! Then all we need is Maria F's avatar thingy, and we can GO.
ALSO, am I supposed to open the envelop you sent me?
Bon weekend, Val
Hee, hee, hee...
many, many, many cats from Val
came in

Two of my formidables...
Vraiment formidable! How much time do you spend brushing these magnificent beasties? I spend about 15/day on Bianca, who is a long-haired half-Persian, and about 10 minutes/day on Trouble the short-haired Siamese. This is a lot of time, I suppose, but as my personal hair grooming takes about 1 minute/day, the total of 26 minutes/day is not too onerous -- and the cats are worth it, of course. Regards, Val
Hey Val! Here in the African heat, these beasties get their tummy's and up to their tails shaved twice a year. They HATE it, and because of that I left it a bit long this year (plus it was FREEZING for us) So they got the worst knots on the planet. They had to really get the chop this time round which is why all three look a little motheaten. ANYWAY!! The upshot of all that explaining is that brushing is a very simple affair - the most simple with Jelly Bean - she wont let me brush her at all (hence the lion cut), Marshmallow (she is quite old now) 1 minute (on a good day) and Chocolate - well that depends on his mood... But all in all 2 minutes between three cats a day...
I saw the most wonderful thing when in Paris last year. There was a dashing French gentleman (About 64 years old!) who had a cat on a leash. The cat was sitting quietly on the metro platform, trains whizzing by waiting with his boss for the train. When the right train pulled up, the cat (a large grey furry creature) pulled him onto the train and took a seat.
The gentleman took him off his leash and the cat sat there for the entire journey not fazed at all - it was the MOST amazing sight.
Hi Cheryl, Thanks for the news from the South African Branch of the Cat Grooming Federation (Mail Art Division). It gets hot here, too, in the summer -- 30-40°, and dogs get sheared (shorn?), but not cats. I suspect Bianca would go mad if she had a 'short back and sides'. Your cats look most elegant. Mine get morning/noon/night brushes, hence 3x/day.
I'm trying to get a friend to send me some digital(digitised?) photos of them, and, if she does, I will send them to you.
Hope to send you photos later.
Regards, Val
A cat on a lead is always a sight to see. But a cat on a lead on the Paris Metro is unbelievable. However, we 64 year old elegant Anglo-Frenchies do have our ways with cats, [censored].
Photos Val? Where are Bianca and Trouble??
Well, and this is a bit of a problem, Dear Cheryl, as I am in the South of France with Bianca and Trouble, and the photos are in the Noth of France and haven't been sent to me as promised. Yet. Please wait. Thanks. 'Pologies. Val

My newest addition! He looks just like Cotton Pickin'. No relation though. We are calling him Kitten Pickin'. I guess I'll have to get a real name for him pretty soon.
Great name! Great kitten! Why is it that whenever i buy my cats i) a real cat bed, ii) a real cat toy, they always prefer to sleep in a box, in a cupboard, etc, and prefer to play with a feather, a rolled up piece of newspaper, etc? Cats! But we can't live without them; Regards, Val
Hi Test! Awwww, "Kitten Pickin" is a great name, and an adorable kitten-in-a-box!




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