Hello, IUOMA folk. I have a long shot request. I am substitute teaching a K-5 art class in ten days, and then ten days after that, on the 28th of March and the 8th of April, and I am wondering if any of you would mind sending something that could excite children about mail art. I teach frequently, so even if a piece couldn't get here by then, I could show them to the next class. I've been sending mail art out for years, but not to other mail artists (so far), so I rarely get mail art back to show the kids! Just joined this  great network. If you send something, I'll send you something back!

I've been working with these kids for several years and are blown over by their beauty!

Thank you!

Jinny Pearce

1617 Parker Street

Berkeley, California

94703 - USA

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I'm a kid.

Of course I'll send something to you!


CrackerJack Kid

Cracker Jack! It's a long way to Tipperary! Geeeeeeee! Wheeeeeeee! 

(Thank you!)

toujour gai toujour gai jinny

Something on its way to you, Jinny!

How exciting s.wurlitzer! So much appreciated! This is looking like it will be a terrific shindig for the kids!

Thank You!


Jinny, my wife is a 1st grade school teacher in San Francisco, of course I will send you something.

Not Hi Ng

Not Hi NG, Thank you! What fun! I love first graders-what a great age to work with. The kids will love to get a piece from a neighbor from across the Bay!

Thank again!


Bonjour Jinny!

is this of any interest to you?

I have a couple of exhibitions this year (one in April, the other in August) on the theme of Post Card art. Anything goes providing it's (more or less postcard size). I'm getting lots of contributions from IUOMA folks AND have involved classes of about 11 year old kids (I don't know how they compare to K-5) in 3 local schools, plus another in Romania.

Would your class like to send me something? It could fill an art lesson: show them some Mail Art (I'll send you something), give them some blank cards, ask them to make a collage, painting, drawing or whatever, bundle them up and send them to me.

If I get enough (about 25) I'll put them on a dedicated display panel in my exhibitions, and label them  "Class K-5, XYZ School, Berkeley, CA, USA" and send you photos of them.

I hope that this is of interest to you. You can find more information about the exhibitions on the MAIL-ART projects page here. Do join in!

Regards Val

PS Last year I organised 2 envelope Mail Art exhibitions, that featured more than 550 envelopes, and was one of the biggest Mail Art exhibitions in Europe.

Wow!!!! Yes! Let's do it, Valentine! Super! The kids will be thrilled-in fact, I have a class of first graders I know I can hijack for the project. . .maybe second grade, too. I'll talk to the teachers and get right back to you-

Thank you!


I also use mail art in my printmaking classes. I will post tomorrow........

Oh, I'd love to see Junanne! I am a printmaker, too-engraving, etching and letterpress-love to do prints with the kids! Can't wait to see what you post!

Thank you,


I will post something to you today, Jinny. I have done a few Mail Art workshops with kids, I ask them to bring postage stamps and gave them blank postcards plus paints, colour paper, glue, the usual art materials. Then we sent the postcards to mail artists with whom I had arranged before hand that they would be happy to reply. One mail artist per kiddie. Vittore Baroni also did a project on the same vein. You can produce cheeply photocopied sheets of stamps, the outline only, that the kids decorate to stick on the postcards. Good of you to get involved.

Have a look at my page where there are eBooks illustrating past projects, they may be useful to you. Or my web site the eBooks look better there.

Wow, Martha! What a resource! I am so excited see all you have done with this art form!!! A thousand thanks! I will certainly show them your web site and ebooks! I love your shopping cart gallery-I am going to get my coffee and sit down and really go through your site. I am so appreciative.

Thank you!





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