Is there an age restriction for participating in IUOMA? My 7-year-old grandson is fascinated by the Add & Passes, collaborative books, etc. that I get and always asks if he can work on them. I thought it might be fun and educational for him to send and receive mail art, or collaborate on a book, with other children. An adult would have to supervise with the mailing aspect, of course.

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formally the age restiction is 13 years.

Also because art sometimes is quite specific and not always for children.

with best wishes,

Ruud Janssen

Hi Ruud, there is some interest here in children exchanging mail art. This brings up another question. I understand the age restriction of IUOMA being 13 years. But I'm wondering if there is a restriction on an IUOMA member creating events that are just for children. Or, would you prefer these swaps are set up elsewhere, such as Facebook, private mail, etc. Thank you once again. Terry

Thank you, Ruud. I appreciate the response. 

Thank you. In fact, I did send a Doodle from my grandsons back in December. I hope they arrived before the deadline. I will also check out your events from now on. I'm happy to know of someone who caters to the younger set. :-) My 7-year-old grandson is so enamored with the subject of mail art and wants to be included. I hate to keep telling him it's for adults only.

Monsenhor, please see my message of 1/15/16. Thank you! :-)

My daughter (9) would like someone to swap mail art with.  Her name is Lucy. If he sent her something card to my address she would reply)

That's good . I will pass your adress to my daugther who is also 9 . 

This is a great idea! My grandson Ryan is 7, almost 8, so they are very close in age. What kind of mail art is Lucy interested in. Ryan likes doing ATCs but he would love to make a postcard too. He's interested in all types of art. Perhaps we can figure out something with Dorina and her daughter (see message below) for children to swap on an occasional basis. But until we get a more formal plan, let's exchange addresses and get them swapping. :-)

Rachel, please see my message of 1/15/16. Thank you! :-)

Hi Terry, my daugther is 9 and she exchange mailarts with some members of iuoma even she is not a member, through me of course. Maybe we can make a group of parents and create connections between our children who wants to make mailart. What do you think? :)

Dorina, I love the idea of a group of parents/grandparents creating connections between their children. Ryan would absolutely love it. Since the age limit on IUOMA is 13, do we need to take these swaps off IUOMA, or is it okay to create a children's event here? I'm not sure how to get started. Any ideas? Like I mentioned above to Rachel, I would love to get them started swapping now, if possible, until we figure out a more formal method. I will send you my address for Ryan.

I sent friend requests to Rachel and Dorina. I can't send you an address for Ryan until we are friends. :_) 




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