The last time I was a member of IUOMA, I was still involved with mailart thru the AML List (Artists' Mailing List?).  We sent "anniversary" stamps to one another, I recall.  The last one I made was for the 10th anniversary in 2009.  Does this list still exist? do they still celebrate anniversaries?  Just curious!  Thanks, all!  - S.A. Walker, Postmistress of the Pine Cone Island Post Office (PCIPO).

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The Artistamp Mailing List used to be a Group on Yahoo!.  I was #145 until they got snippy.  That number was reassigned, but I never contacted the one who "replaced" me.

Oh, right! We had numbers! I think I was #228.  :-)   I'll hunt around for them...but not if they're still snippy!  Who needs that in MailArt?   :-)   Thanks Bradford!

Seems it's still there, but with reduced activity in recent years

I was a member once but dropped out for some reason (what's 'snippiness', is it a style of collage?)

Ok, now this is funny, and shows just how much I'm "geezing" in my old age.   :-)

I'm actually a member of the yahoo group, artistamp!  LOL!  I just checked, and

they're in a discussion to get out of yahoo, so who knows how long it will last...

What I enjoyed were the "anniversary" stamp swaps.  Does anyone do that...?

[Alan, the "snippy" reference was in reply to Bradford's comment about their

having been "snippy" over there at the AML yahoo group.]   :-)

My question is because I don't know what it means, to be snippy  ;-)

✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎ ✂︎

"Snippy" here means to be so persnickety that it leads to the exclusion of those who do not fit the myopic confines of their vision of how to participate in Artistampery.  Of course, I did envision a punny connotation when I used that particular word.  According to one dictionary, "snippy" can mean, "sharp or curt, especially in a supercilious or haughty way."

Thanks, Bradford. I don't remember any of that sort of behaviour.

Yes, the Yahoo group still exists.

Get to it at:

There is not much activity there these days, but there are still things in the Files and Photos to look at. (All the conversations are still available to read, but they do not archive any attached images, so many folks put those in the Files or Photos for the group.)

Might you post there and help resurrect the conversations?

-- Lois Richter, Napland AML#255

Hi, Lois.  I did wander over there back when I posed my question, and I saw for myself how inactive it was.  I was involved in quite a few of the "anniversary" swaps, and enjoyed them very much.  I would love to help "resurrect" the place, but I'm not yet back into MailArt.  I'm still in "lurker" mode.   :-)

- Susan PCIPO / AML#228

It's been a while now.  
Are you yet back in MailArt mode?

I have put out a call for "Haiga" postcards (thru 31 Dec 2019) for 2020 publication.

Might you like to join in?

I was AMLP 263

I had a rubber stamp made to cancel my artistamps.




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