Question for the masses....It seems that most everyone keeps a public profile here. What are everyone's thoughts on "blanking out" an address before posting photos of received mail art? 

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There are two sides to the question. Some want to keep their address private and don't want the address to be shared publicly. The other side is that the mail-art network functions with discovering and making new contacts and that is only possible when your address is visible for others and unknowns too..........

So don't expect a clear answer. When someone requests not to publish their address, respect it.

That's kind of what I figured. Thanks!! :o)

If a person has their address on their IUOMA page, I figure that it's okay to show it. If they don't,  and want you to request it, then I figure it's a secret. I usually don't request it, however.

Same here as Mim says. When I post pictures of my received mail art (I do mostly on my blogs outside of IUOMA) I check whether the sender has his or her address en public or not. If not, and the envelope is part of the mail art I want to share, I delete the address. Usually by changing the address via Paint while using the letters of the sender him/herself (see for instance here)
(I also delete most personal messages before publishing in the internet, see for instance there)

On my turn I choose to hire a, so it is easier for others to find me. And I am happy with that, because I also received some spam snail mail :-)  The disadvantage is that Dutch PostNL each year has raised the fees for p.o. boxes, but despite of that I am happy with that.

I do not think it necessary to blank addresses when posting here in IUOMA because it is among friends but if posting in the open web I do . Also I never mention when I go on holidays until I have come back. Or mention any such info about a friend. Just as a precaution in case it falls in the wrong (non mail artist) hands. I used to have a post office box but had to give it up when it got far too expensive. I think this is a very important discussion; thanks Karalie for bringing it up.

The IUOMA network is an open net. Also not IUOMA members can access the information. So keep that in mind as well. If you don't want that, you can change your personal settings in your own menu. That way only friends can have access.

I'm showing my age, but once upon a time, telephone books contained addresses and were readily available to the public. I believe you had to pay to keep your number and address out of the book. That's neither here nor there, but this thread made me think of that.

I think that if an address is listed on iuoma that it is for use of members only, so I do not share this on my public blog. As I general rule I delete addresses/personal messages of senders when posting their mail art. Rarely I forget to do this. My online privacy is important to me, and so I extend this consideration to others. I use a PO Box.

Pam, I also remember that. There were less nasty people around or we did not know about  them? 

I should mention that I was shocked recently to find out that I can be googled and some of my personal details are there including age group and part of my address. Here in England all that is kept in the electoral roll and anybody can access all the info, phone number, full address, and even an aerial view of my house, paying something I believe.

I agree with Gin and Carmela and as I said I will never put anybody's address on line. 

Martha, Those are good questions. Maybe a little of both, plus perhaps we are a little paranoid. Here, there are databases where, for a small fee, you can get addresses, former addresses, bankruptcies, spouse's and children's names, businesses owned, employers, etc. Privacy of that sort is illusory. Having said that, I'm also sensitive to other people's concerns and will not intentionally show anyone's address.




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