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At 6:20pm on April 5, 2017, Jan Hodgman said…

Glad it pleases. 

At 4:48pm on December 26, 2016, Ruud Janssen said…

At 3:54am on August 16, 2016, J.A.D. said…

Blessed Father, I didn't send you the Mother of Cabrini shrine mail. That was The Turkish Agent. We only share a p.o. box. I've been getting mail replies that were owed to The Turkish Agent. Glad you liked her work. Cheers!

At 2:43pm on August 11, 2016, vizma bruns said…

Glad you got the wacky mail, Father! You don't have to mount the stamps if you have other important work to do in the community...Sister Viz can do them herself, anything to help the cause. Whatever that is...rubber cause? That suits me. Cheers.

At 9:09pm on July 11, 2016, Petrolpetal said…
Mail out!
At 2:02pm on May 17, 2016, Dean aka Artist in Seine said…

Thanks for your message.  They always come at the bottom and I don't always see them.  Happy it arrived.  Boy is that one strange.

At 11:46am on April 12, 2016, Nadia Aroca said…

It was a postcard, "Heavenly condoms, etc.".

At 8:54am on March 2, 2016, vizma bruns said…

A matrix master something,... I no kapish. Sending me crap soon... that I understand! You've got me intrigued about this vintage BF unseen rubber, too...excellent.

At 2:00am on February 24, 2016, vizma bruns said…

Hiya Rick! Just got your mail the other day, beautiful, beautiful artiststamps! Even though I've seen them before, I'm always stoked that you make them and send them to me, I love them, thanks again, mate!

At 9:54am on February 10, 2016, Carlos I. Botana said…


Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez
Size: Free
Technique: Free
Deadline: August 15, 2016
Exhibition: September, 2016
No sales. No jury. No return
The work is publisehed in the "blog":
Send your work to:
Carlos I. Botana
C/. Javier López López
Nº 11 - portal 2 - 3º E
15009 - A Coruña - Spain
At 7:16pm on February 4, 2016, MISS NOMA said…
At 11:45am on January 26, 2016, vizma bruns said…

Hellz yeah!! New rubber and stamps for me!? You still have access to the perfing and rubber shop, or have you found a new place in Jacumba? Great to hear that I'll be getting a hearty dose of Blessed mail to start the year. Yes, please load it up with crap! And crappily perfed stamp mistakes, too, I can use all that shit. I mean art. Thanks!! Humbly yours, Viz.

At 10:01pm on January 21, 2016, FinnBadger said…

Great, thanks for the tip.

At 1:01am on January 17, 2016, FinnBadger said…

Thanks, looking forward to it.

At 9:56pm on January 11, 2016, FinnBadger said…

That would be awesome, thanks!

At 12:18am on January 8, 2016, Dean aka Artist in Seine said…

At 11:30am on January 5, 2016, Dean aka Artist in Seine said…

Hello Blessed,

Yes, your piece arrived on 30 Dec. It was right on time for the New Years, but I wasn't in Paris to received it.  However I do have an elf who stamps the date on everything received so I know when it arrived.

I will be blogging it soon.  Some great stuff in there.  The certificate is already in use!

Best Wishes for a creative 2016.


At 11:53am on December 28, 2015, Jay Block said…

Dear Father, of course... salvation in a bottle is not just bourbon but a certificate of 'get out of hell free'. Many thanks

At 8:59am on December 23, 2015, Dean aka Artist in Seine said…

Thank you in advance.  That reminds me of a song;

Someone sending Lord, Jacumba, Someone sending Lord, Jacumba,  Someone sending Lord, Jacumba, Oh lord, Jacumba.

Now I know why you move there!   Looking forward to the landing.

At 2:52am on December 18, 2015, Dean aka Artist in Seine said…

looking forward to the double jointed Mail Art.  Proof that you can kill two birds with one stamp.


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