Welcome DKult Spain by Rafael Gonzalez (Mieres (Asturias), Spain)

Rafael - 1.26.2016 - 4

Mail art by IUOMA member Rafael Gonzalez (Mieres (Asturias), Spain)

(January 26, 2016) - I am thrilled to share mail received from the very talented and prolific Rafael Gonzalez of Spain. He has applied his skills in abstract art and cut-up collage to doing these memorable works that contribute to the greater glory of DKult and Trashpo.

Rafael - 1.26.2016 - 1

Clearly Rafael Gonzalez has been doing original work for many years that is of great interest to those involved with Trashpo. His work provides new ideas and inspiration.

Rafael - 1.26.2016 - 3

As President of the DKULTNY chapter, I am very pleased to name Rafael Gonzalez the President of DKULT Spain. His homage is a great honor to DKult and Trashpo.

Rafael - 1.26.2016 - 2

Rafael - 1.26.2016 - 5

The envelope:

Rafael - 1.26.2015 - 6

Rafael - 1.26.2016 - 7

Deepest thanks to Rafael Gonzalez!

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Comment by De Villo Sloan on January 27, 2016 at 2:05pm

Thanks res, I've been a fan of Rafael based on the painting, collage, assemblage & stamps. I think it was a great gesture that he turned his talents to the glorification of DKult (& Trashpo). Diane Keys has seen these. I assume she & Rafael are exchanging.

Politically, on behalf of DKult, I leapt at the chance to thank Rafael by appointing him President of a new DKult chapter in Spain. I hope he can connect with his neighbor Eduardo Cardosos who is President of DKult Portugal.

DKult's ancient problems with France have disrupted the Trashpo network in Europe. Trashpo can't get arrested in France. Spain will help a lot in terms of rebuilding a network.

Thx Rafael & res!



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