Trashbook & Ephemera by Jean-Philippe Gilliot (Saint Ghislain, Belgium)

Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 1

Mail art by Jean-Philippe Gilliot (Saint Ghislain, Belgium)


August 27, 2018 - I am not familiar with Jean-Philippe Gilliott, and I do not believe he is an IUOMA member. But a quick search indicates he is well-known in the network and has done much work of note. I am thrilled to learn about and receive his work because I am a huge fan of the great Belgian collage artists, poets and correspondence artists, among them Little Shiva, Thierry Tellier and the late Guido Vermeulen. Now I add Jean-Philippe Gilliot to my list.

This piece appears to be nothing less than a brilliantly constructed Trashbook of the classic variety. This is the first Trashbook I have ever received from Belgium.


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 2


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 3


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 4


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 5a


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 6


Jean-Philippe Gilliot included other items in the mailing separate from the Trashbook. These are interesting, mostly un-altered, found items, very similar to the ephemera included as a staple in a Trashpo mailing. I can only conclude this is intentionally Trashpo:


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 7


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 8


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 8a


And the FAB envelope:


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 9a


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 10a


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 11a


Deepest thanks to Jean-Philippe Gilliot!

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Comment by Jean-Philippe Gilliot on September 17, 2018 at 9:23am

Good Morning Sloan,

I'm now on IUOMA. 

Thank you for the pictures and the nice comments



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