I'm BACK! [Warning: Sorry-Ass Excuses Ahead!]

Hello, all! recently i've been a lazy lout, haven't done any mail art or much else. Some folks sent me beautiful and clever pieces i haven't acknowledged nor responded to.

Because why? Because i've been pretty broke. Because i've been feeling low. Because I got run over by  a car on Friday 06/02* (it's true!). Because me and my partner and our pets all live in a tiny little hotel room and I can't always get it together to clear a big-enough space to spread out my making materials and get down to it. 

Because--aaw, phoooey on sad-sack sob-stories and angstified alibis!

What it comes to is that I've been remiss in my creativity and I owe some good people (you know who you are!) some apologies AND some art. I'm gonna get back down to it

Postal pals ahoy, you'll hear from me soon.

Velcrow Petronia Petronia

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Comment by PATRICIA LANDON on July 16, 2017 at 2:31pm

take a deep breath...



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