I'm certain that every one involved with this eternal network has their own way of doing things; that is one of the great joys of the thing. 

I have been busy for the last month doing acres (so it seems) of collage and dozens of envelopes so incoming mail has been largely put by until a more auspicious time.  Today was the day and I have just spent a delightful hour as a sort of island in a sea of post!  Wonder after wonder; generosity piled upon generosity! 

My September is now spoken for as I will be busy catching up with all these new conversations - as well as a couple of old ones re-invigorated. The mail box will still be open though so don't forget me.

I will begin scanning things and posting here tonight but first I have two failures to report; two envelopes returned as 'undeliverable'.  The one that really amused me was the one to Merhl Bennett marked 'insufficiently addressed'.  It seems, upon a second look, that a couple of numbers from the code have fallen off.  Despite the return address label the envelope has been opened, I suppose on the chance that there would have been a complete address inside.  There wasn't and it seem something I could well do next time.  In any case, I have another pointing finger for my collection - I do so love 'em. . . 

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Comment by Mary Anne on September 5, 2019 at 12:11pm

Hi again.  Looking at the letter to michael for a second time I notice that the bar code on the yellow sticker has been crossed out so I am thinking that maybe the American code didn't work with the English machines hence the hand written red sticker.  Doesn't explain the dates though . . .

Comment by Mary Anne on September 5, 2019 at 12:07pm

Hi Katerina.  The one to Mehrl has lost some of its code letters - although I wouldn't have thought that would be enough to make it undeliverable.  The other is more of a puzzle and I have been trying to understand the postal markings.  It has gone through the robot machine here (26 th June) and then again the same day it has been handled by a human. There is nothing to show where it goes after until it acquires the yellow sticker dated, I think) 7th August.  There is nothing to indicate where that sticker came from but I assume the USA. Lastly there is another Royal Mail sticker dated 15 July!  That means either I have misunderstood the yellow sticker somehow or the British postie put the wrong month on the red one.  In fact, it is that final red sticker that is a mystery to me because it says that the letter was  returned 'addressee unknown'; how would a British Postman know that?

It looks good anyway so I am treating it as a collage collaboration between me and the postal service - robots and human.  Another letter will be on its way to Michael so maybe that will have better luck.

Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on September 5, 2019 at 7:11am

awww, looks like the postal machine robot cannot read your nice collage addresses :-(



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