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Blog Fourteen; A word of encouragement.

The good people of the Hannah Hoch's Fan Club Group here on IUOMA have a little project underway and nearing something like a deadline.  It would be nice (for us at least( if a few more people joined the party; perhaps (I am a Brit after all) a few more Europeans to even up the score? 

A list of participants can be found on the group posting if you care to drop by.  Don't be shy.  It may even introduce you to a whole new world . . .

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A very British blog . . .

I am fairly certain that most of the people who will read this will be American or at the very least non-British and therefore it will be a completes mystery to them but I am British and the last thing I would do would be to complain.

Can't do it.

No matter how disappointing the restaurant meal, no matter how rude the shop assistant, no matter what nonsense the man on the phone throws at me as an excuse, I can't complain or if I do, I suffer.

A fortnight ago I mentioned,…


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A Further Embarrassment . . .

A new British chum, Jennifer Wallace, sent a fold-out collage and a similar item arrived anonymously from Norway (according to the stamp).  Hopefully fold-outs are going to be the new craze.…


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An Embarrassment of Riches

Here we have a selection of wonders from the large accumulation of new arrivals that now litters my work space.

First, an envelope from Mr Felter brought many stamps, cards and what-knots including a beautifully printed stamp the size of a page that really deserves to be framed rather than buried amongst my artistamp collection. I show the envelope here as it also came with a goodly selection of Leonard Cohen stamps that go to prove, once again, that the established postal authorities…


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Eleventh Blog: an explanation (of sorts) for all this rubbish . . .

I didn't have much of an education.

Our family led something of a peripatetic lifestyle and I was in and out of this school and that; sometimes with long gaps between.  My first employer insisted we all attended college - day release it was called - and there we had three compulsory subjects: English (taught of course by a Welshman), British Constitution and Social Economics. There was space on the timetable for one other subject and so, with some misgivings, we were all enrolled in…


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Blog number ten: the work of idle hands . . .

So I am not a great one for creating on the computer but I've been waiting for collage to dry (again!) and, having nothing much better to do, found myself playing with ideas for the documentation for my 'Stamps for Yoko' project.  I found an image of an old poster (thank you google images) for one of Yoko's exhibitions and, working under a sudden inspiration, I have altered it a little . . .

What to do with it now I wonder.  The best I can think of is posting it here where it may…


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of some asemic interest maybe . . .

Last night I found myself watching a Sci-fi film on our (British) TV. 

The film (2016) was named 'Arrival' and the story such as it was concerned the arrival of alien ships and an 'expert's' attempts at understanding their written and spoken language.  It was quite a gentle film and I think maybe anyone on IUOMA interested in asemic writing would find it intriguing . . .

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Number nine, number 9 number 9 . . .

The postie has just brought me the first half of the documentation I am doing for my on-going 'Stamps for Yoko' project (yes it has a fancy name now) and it is slowly turning into a thing of small and modest beauty; you could say, rather like the lady herself!

I can hardly wait to finish it off and send it all out but patience is a virtue (I am repeatedly told) and there is still space for a couple more designs to be included.  Any takers?

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Blog number eight: Strike or not

I really ought to have put some thought into this posting but it is a spur of the moment thing and maybe it will be the better for it.

Hard to miss the Global (whatever that means) strike being called for today to draw attention to the vast problems facing the world's equilibrium. 

I imagine that most people involved in the Eternal Network are to some extent sympathetic to the causes and have an awareness of the difficulties involved in 'climate change'. yet I can't help…


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blog the seventh: air mails

I have a great liking for artistamps and keep any that come my way in a set of four albums.  Luckily the standard size spring-back album, although a little old fashioned, is just the right size to accommodate full sheets, as well as pages of individual stamps, cards and envelopes,  so the whole thing gets to look better and better with each passing month.

Amongst the pages is this one full, not of artistamps per say, but of imitation air mail labels.  I wish I could find more as they…


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Blog the sixth: A cascade from Cascadia

I have had a sudden windfall - an embarrassment of riches from the  Postmaster General of Cascadia - enough to warrant a whole blog though I will only post a few images, partly because I am sure most of the stamps and cards will have already been noted and partly because I would rather be away from this infernal machine and busy on more mail.

First, I will post the envelopes because I think most stamp designers (or other mail artists too I dare say) have an interest in seeing how…


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blog the fifth - Mary Anne's Curious Artistamps Projection

Sorting through the pile of welcome mailart, I find several clusters of artistamps, and it occurs to me that this might be a good time to introduce my Artistamp Projection.

Some years ago, a chum gave me an old spring-back stamp album and I decided to use it for all the artistamps I had accumulated.  the idea (I call it a projection because it is part art project and part stamp collection) now lives in a small suitcase and includes four albums, stockbooks, bundles of envelopes,…


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Stamps for Yoko

Several years ago I started a little project for no real reason except the fun of it, then I became ill and it got put by.  Luckily it had not been very popular but I have felt guilty about not having finished things off and sent the promised documentation.

Well, being more or less back now I decided that my first job was to bring the project to some sort of end.  this time round I have had more interest and it seems that, now I have the required ten stamps, I can get on with my part…


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blog the fourth - mail arrived

I'm certain that every one involved with this eternal network has their own way of doing things; that is one of the great joys of the thing. 

I have been busy for the last month doing acres (so it seems) of collage and dozens of envelopes so incoming mail has been largely put by until a more auspicious time.  Today was the day and I have just spent a delightful hour as a sort of island in a sea of post!  Wonder after wonder; generosity piled upon generosity! 

My September is…


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a brief but pointless rant against the system

Just returned from this week's traumatic trip to the Post Office.

There seems to always be a tussle between me and some of the staff about stamps and such. As soon as the cost of postage reaches a certain level, they use a label instead of stamps. Even though the Royal Mail churns out dozens of expensive new stamps, month after month, the post offices never use them, so I have to watch as my poor attempts at a decorative envelope is thoroughly disfigured.

Some do try their best…


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Blog the second: serendipity perhaps . . .

I've been working hard on a new collage.  I covered a sheet of paper with random pieces of magazine, no real thought, just following the fancy.  I had three copies of the same issue of a supermarket give-away and, for some reason that I will probably never fully understand, a picture of a humble bath-brush caught both my eye and imagination.  I tore them out, halved each in a different way, then added them to the work in hand; and that was as far as it went.  The muse left me and my creation…


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Does anyone else remember Rudd's search for new Fluxus words or the great Zalop! project?

I came across this advert. today and it reminded me . . .

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blog the first

Tarraa ta ta tarraaah!  here goes nothing though I should say at first that I am not much in love with computers and only take to them as a last resort.  To me they are like saws or alarm clocks; merely a convenient tool.  Not that cutting something in half - or being on time - is without its pleasures but a blunt tooth or missed appointment will hardly ruin a life.

It has been a sunny morning and I have been multi-tasking (again) which is to say that I have been waiting for the…


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