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  • IUOMA Digital Novel

    46 members Latest Activity: Feb 19 This group is for a circular novel where members add the next chapter by signing into the Planet Dada blog. Anyone who wants to take part please join…

  • New York City April 2010-2011

    45 members Latest Activity: Oct 27, 2011 Overview of texts, links, photos in connection to Exhibition at the Stendhal Gallery, opening April 14th 2010 and Lectures on April 17th and all that…

  • A State of Being in Venice

    49 members Latest Activity: Nov 16, 2013 This year 2010 I have a residency coming up at the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice (May 6 - June 9). If you like join this group to read my…

  • ConCept Notion

    7 members Latest Activity: Apr 26, 2010 Concept and notions, tidbits and figments, fair to middling and other matters.

  • German Embassy

    39 members Latest Activity: Jan 22 A Place for the German and German-friendly minded IUOMA-members

  • Greek Embassy

    35 members Latest Activity: Dec 27, 2013 A Place for the Greek and Greek-friendly minded IUOMA-members

  • Mail Art " Nuestro Planeta" Colombia

    20 members Latest Activity: Jan 18

     Mail Art 

    " Nuestro Planeta"


    octubre 2011 Pereira - Colombia

  • Mail-Art Smiles

    51 members Latest Activity: Jan 18 O.K. Someone made this logo for the IUOMA and that just looks like the start of a small projects of SMILES

  • Mail Art Archives

    47 members Latest Activity: Feb 24 Some Mail-Artists have been doing Mail-Art for a longer time and have saved all they get in, documented what they sent out, collected books,…

  • Mail-Art Statements Booklets

    2 members Latest Activity: May 9, 2010 Roland Halbritter made some small booklets out of the papers I sent him. He distributed the small Mail-Art booklets with the instruction to pass on…

  • ART DETOX 2010

    62 members Latest Activity: Jan 18 2010 is the year of Art Detox, started by Vittore Baroni in Italy. oppressed by too many art invites and projects? every time two or more artists…

  • Mail-Artists Food Details

    21 members Latest Activity: Dec 12, 2013 Mail-Artists tend to eat sometimes special things, maybe not even connected to the mail-art they send out. Share your favorite food end recepies…


    104 members Latest Activity: Mar 15 El nuevo soporte

  • 1 YEAR of IUOMA at NING

    64 members Latest Activity: Jan 18 A special group for the celebrations day, Friday 13th November 2009, when IUOMA is one year online at NING.

  • Self Portraits

    154 members Latest Activity: on Thursday Are you up to this? Publish your own selfportrait in this group. Since the name of the publisher is automatically published, we know then how you…

  • Recycling Mail Art

    120 members Latest Activity: Mar 24

    Recycling Mail Art or Why I have been doing this for WAY TOO LONG... Ray Johnson Tibet Wheel of the Deadpan Duchamp Eon Spin Club ...soirée I am…

  • Cow Ear Muffs Buffallo Affirmations

    43 members Latest Activity: Nov 23, 2013 COW on the that BUFF ELBOWS RIGHTis wearing EAR MUFFS odali$qued: Happiness I am now constrained to abundance, “happiness” or its absence…

  • Spammers Mail-Art

    30 members Latest Activity: Mar 14 A Group where we can discuss how to deal with SPAMMERS in the Mail-Art.

  • Air Mail

    14 members Latest Activity: Jan 18 The sky is there. What can you do with it? A special group for Air Mail specialists

  • WEB 3.0

    42 members Latest Activity: May 2, 2013 With the current WEB 2.0 tools available I wonder where this all will lead to in the future. What functions will computers have in our communication…



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