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  • Mail-Art Projects List

    271 members Latest Activity: Nov 20

    This is group for all general Mail-Art Projects. Includes a link to a blog where 99 authors publish their projects. Want to see all…

  • Video & Media Exchange

    10 members Latest Activity: Nov 12, 2013 Do you have video, DVD, DVD-Rom, CD discs you wish to share with others.  A group to share mail art related media.

  • Member 2000

    31 members Latest Activity: Dec 3, 2012

    A discussion of how to welcome the 2000th member on this IUOMA platform.


    202 members Latest Activity: Oct 28, 2014

    "Add and pass Cavellini".

    The works received will be bound to be exposed during exhibitions for Gugliemo Achille Cavellini…

  • Postal Art T&T

    42 members Latest Activity: Jan 18, 2014

    The first Mail Art event that will happen in Trinidad.
    Postcards will be exhibited.
    So I hope everyone get creative and want to…

  • Start Here at IUOMA

    11 members Latest Activity: Jun 20

    A group with information for newcomers to the IUOMA. Some hints and tips written by VHM and BJ  to help you find your way at the IUOMA…

  • Sponsor Group

    16 members Latest Activity: Oct 8

    The IUOMA is free for all members because of the many sponsors that donate to the IUOMA or because of the IUOMA shop that brings in money to keep…

  • FREE Ai Weiwei

    8 members Latest Activity: Jan 2, 2013

    FREE Ai Weiwei

    OR at least LOWER THE COST

  • 12-12-12 Group (The End of the World)

    33 members Latest Activity: Dec 28, 2012 As many of you may know, rumor has it that the world will end in 2012. This group is for people who wish to discuss that ending, to plan end of the…

  • blue roads

    80 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    This group is open to all works
    that a portion of blue
    cobalt blue - ultramarine blue - Prussian blue - indigo blue
    just short…

  • Asemic Writing for Mail-Artists

    154 members Latest Activity: 1 hour ago

    Asemic writing for mail-artists

  • Cavellini

    14 members Latest Activity: Jul 28 Guglielmo Achille Cavellini

    Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, also known as GAC (1914 - 1990) was an influential Italian art collector and…

  • Mail2Maastricht mail call

    66 members Latest Activity: Jul 24, 2013


    Format: Postcard, Max A4

    Works must be sent by the postal…

  • 3 years IUOMA at NING

    34 members Latest Activity: Apr 28, 2013 In November 2011 the IUOMA platform on Ning will be 3 years old. What special events will the IUOMA members organize to celebrate this special event?…


    186 members Latest Activity: on Saturday

    A group for those who enjoy simple mail art.

  • Mail-Art and Money

    21 members Latest Activity: Jun 12 "Mail-Art and Money don't Mix" is what Lon Spiegelman wrote in the 80-ies. Are these views still shared by the current generation of mail-artists?

  • Ray Johnson (1927-1995)

    50 members Latest Activity: Sep 7

    A group for remembering Ray Johnson.


    RIP-  Ray Johnson October 16, 1927 - January 13, 1995. This group was…


    78 members Latest Activity: on Saturday A Group to promote the world wide acceptance and use to the word ZALOP.  ZALOP means ABSOLUTELY NO WAY DEFINITELY NOT NADA NIX.  It is essential this…

  • IUOMA membership Cards

    13 members Latest Activity: Nov 15 When you have received a IUOMA membership Card, what can you do with it? what did you achieve with it? This also goes for older cards. In this groups…

  • Postal History Boutique

    73 members Latest Activity: Oct 29

    Celebrate national postal history through mail art exchanges embracing stamps, postcards, envelopes, stickers, postboxes and whatever else anyone…



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