The Kid Napping of Baby Spam Radio
And How No One Seems to notice...

Sometime during the previous Century
way back in the 1900's...
Ray Johnson was giving a speech or a wiggle or something
and BABY SPAM RADIO was Kid Napped
Who has been SLEEPing on the JOB ?

I.U.O.M.A. Join Our Blobg

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Since No One seems to want to discuss this, here is printed the inner-view of Ray Johnson by Henry Martin about the BABY SPAM Kid Napping ::

I did a whole one hour presentation of throw-away gestures, including my throwing away my clothes, and then I came back dressed. But the person who streaked at my Baltimore lecture is what I was talking about, and he was a very strange young man. As he was streaking, in fact, he came up and grabbed the Spam radio and abducted it. He just grabbed it and ran, stole it right off the stage, right from in front of me, and that became immediately "The Abduction of the Spam Radio Baby".
Since No One seems to want to discuss this, ...Nap Time !

The Spam can I was carrying was a little smaller than the original Spam radio, so it became a baby and I did a printed page about how Jim Bohn and I had had a baby Spam. His wife was very puzzled as to how these two men could have had a baby, a baby Spam can, and I never bothered to explain, I just recorded the fact that Jim Bohn and I had given birth to this baby Spam can which was abducted in Baltimore. And after the abduction, I simply continued the lecture by being very upset and starting to say things like, "Where is my baby Spam?... They've stolen my baby Spam... I want my baby Spam back".
On April 5, 1973, Johnson wrote to the New York Times notifying them of the demise of the New York Correspondance (sic). The letter was signed "Buddha University," with the monogram of a bunny head beneath it. Mail Art activities subsequently continued under various names, among them Buddha, Buddhette University, The Dead Pan Club, Blue Eyes Club, and Spam Radio Club.

Today is March 30th, 2009 give or take a day, Current email of Spam Radio Club Kinder Care is ::
There is a trickle of undelivered emails which were never sent being returned to
is this " anti-spam ", " un - spam " or "return to sender spam " Do you wear your Spamalot ?

Excuse Zay Moi WHEEEEE ! Thought This was The Recycled MAiLTam M'ART mais, pas ?
ZUre iT iZ.
N'est Plays ::

Does anyone have the Baby Spam Version of Ray Johnson on Vacation with Sue Nah, me.

Ray Johnson on Vacation with Sue,

This is an actual photo
of squirt the hedgehog
Within' Ray Johnson's inner-sir-cool
of ever WIDE-DEN-Ning interest in
Wave Theory,
wave, bye bye.

rain rien
thats funny ynnuf!
ynnuf. <~ you made a backweird punny
ynnup is ynnup

Who DID kidnap the Spam Radio? Never mind.



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