Hi, folks,

Have not visited here in a long time. i was going through some old posts, and I came across someone who said they liked this site:


I was wondering: Have many of you used this site? Do they produce a good quality product?

Every time I have made postoids, I print at home on sticker paper and cut out using those scallop-edged scissors. Not ideal. I like the idea of real perforation. The prices on this site seem reasonable (especially when you consider the price of real postage, Ha ha!)

What are your thoughts?

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If you are up to printing your own stamps, there are plenty of sources of gummed paper (Bill Porter, Olathe CO being recommended) and several of us are able to perforate them.  A standard arrangement would be that you send 10 sheets, and receive 9 back with 1 being retained as "payment".

I have two perforators, a Rosback and a Franklin which though essentially the same are different in that the Franklin is well used and the perfs have a old timey classic era quality to them as in the 19th Century issues.

Yes, I can certainly print my own stamps. Your standard arrangement sounds quite generous! I will give it some thought. I'm in the midst of designing some stamps now.

Thank you!!

P.S. do people usually put dots or marks where they want the perforations?

You can if placing them uniformly centered between the stamps in rows and columns is not desired.

Hi, Sandra!

Here's a post that I made on IUOMA in 2011. Most of the information is still valid, except that my blog Dorincard is now set to Private.

If by STAMPS you mean POSTMARKING DEVICES, that can be achieved, either as RUBBER STAMPS for fun, or even as MAILER POSTMARK PERMIT CANCELLERS valid for postage operations (you postmark your own first-class mail).


It's easy to create "cinderellas" that look more or less like a postage stamp - you make your own rules, if any.


If you want to create PERSONALIZED PHILATELIC STAMPS, valid for postage, then look at my creations.


For all of the above matters (except cinderellas - do whatever you want), please explore my websites: 



Create stamps: Personalized stamps/ Personalised stamps


Mailer's Postmark Permit - how to postmark yourself your first-class mail?

Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

Hi there.  I have used the services of yourstamps many times and cannot recommend them highly enough.  Do give them a try ... I am sure you will not be disappointed.


I have made two series of stamps using yourstamps.eu  and I'm very happy with them.  Great contact and also guidance to make your file/design

Since I'm in Europe it was a usefull source and the deflay is very short. 

Here is the picture


I've used "Yourstamps" for over ten years now. The owner is friendly and very helpful, and produces first class faux postage stamp sheets, including mixed sized sheets and miniature sheets. He is extremely busy so plan to get your work printed well ahead of your project release date. Examples of "Yourstamps" work can be found on my local post website - of course all design errors are mine! ;-)

Canvey Island Local Post



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