21 people have stood up and said, "I want a damn golden ticket!" Guess what, those damn people will receive a golden ticket. Do you want to receive a golden ticket and go down in mail-art and zine history? Let me know and I'll send you one.


No purchase needed!



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Of course I want a damn Golden Ticket. Willy Wonka is waiting for me to enter the gates and I'll not pass through without that damn Golden ticket. Wait a minute, are we talking about the same thing here? Oh what the heck, I want a Jon Foster Golden Ticket.

Keith S. Chambers
1351 W. Cerritos Ave., 4
Anaheim, CA 92802

Hey, is this offer still good? I think I may have left the coupon on the 'fridge too long.

Sorry I ran out. I thouht I sent you a zine invite, which the golden ticket is all about.

I WANT A DAMN GOLDEN TICKET!    please......

Zine page is on the way.

I sent yours quite a while ago, you should have received it. It's the zine thing.

Hell, yeah! I want my golden ticket!

Hi Jon....my zine page is in the mail today....

thank you for being wonderful *!*

No thank you for being wonderful!

Hello there! What's this all about?

I started it to generate some interest for a mail art zine that I'm doing. At this point I've already closed the submissions for it. I'll start sending these out at the end of next month.

Am I too  late to request a golden ticket?  

Yes, I just finished up the layout today and will start to send them out later in the month.

I wanna dang golden ticket too!




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