I would like to open up this discussion wall for trading our ATCs! 

You're welcome to trade your original artwork 2.5x3.5 inches only. 

Any style is welcome.. Mixed media, hand drawn hand painted, rubber stamp collage, collage. etc... 

You're also welcome to Re-trade atcs that are in your collection. Let's not be afraid to re-home and give new appreciation to old forgotten atcs.. 

If you're re-trading other people's atcs maybe state that they aren't yours to avoid any confusion.. 

This page is for trading ATCs only. 2.5 x 3.5 

Please post pictures of your available atcs. And let's get trading!!!

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I made four 2.5 coins just to give it a go, if anyone wants one. Not sure if I will be making others.

I would like to put these atcs I made up for trade

Hi Erin,

I'd love to trade for them. I will try to post pics of some to trade in return if you choose. I'll have to figure out how this all works as its been years since I have been on the site. -- Some will be retrades and noted as such.

-- J.J.

Not sure where to find members addresses...

J.J. Martyn

2-138 Woburn Ave.

Toronto, Ontario

M5M 1K7


Awesome!! I would love to trade with you J. J. Yay! And we are somewhat close!! I'm in Innisfil. About an hour outside of Toronto :)

If you go to a member's homepage you can find address there. Either at the top or bottom of page.. 

I have a baby and haven't been able to make any cardslately but have some to retrade from 2002/2003 - these ones aren't made by me. This is the first lot.

And these for trade

How funny that this little branch group for ATC's started up such a discussion over size, etc. Every other place on IUOMA is available for trading all other sizes of work. The ATC groups are a small minority, so I don't see a problem in keeping this for 2.5 x 3.5.



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