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ATC Trading Card Jams

Started by Amy Irwen. Last reply by Toni Hanner -- tonipoet 20 hours ago. 221 Replies

The Rebel ATCers have had an awesome 1st round of Buddy Jams; be it 2 person, 3 person or 4. We have gotten some wonderful results and would love for more members to participate. Please take a look at what has already been posted on the Rebel ATC page.Everyone has decided that we would like to keep better track of the Jams progress, and to do this we started this discussion group. Also we can have all participants in one general location, so there will be no need for scrolling through lots of…Continue

Bizarre Animal ATC, January - March 2016 exchange

Started by Angie & Snooky. Last reply by LIGMA Feb 5. 13 Replies

Assignments have been made ...LIGMA sends to Angie Cope Toni Hanner sends to Judy and Joey Angie Cope Sends to Toni Judy and Joey send to LIGMAFeel free to either send to everyone or contact the others and see if they want to exchange with you. There are only 4 of us so it's not too challenging to make ATCs for everyone!Thanks for signing up everyone! Let the bizarre animal ATC exchange begin! Feel free to post pictures here or out at the main ATC rebel group page.XOLet's exchange ATCs…Continue

Artist Trading Card (ATC) Statement

Started by Angie & Snooky. Last reply by Toni Hanner -- tonipoet Jan 10. 8 Replies

Artist Trading Cards are 2.5 by 3.5 inch miniature works of art. They are works of art specifically made to be freely traded --- thus the name, Artist Trading Card (ATC). The concept of ATCs was developed by m. vänçi stirnemann an artist from Zürich, Switzerland.vänçi initiated the idea of ATCs while he was visiting Calgary in 1988 to participate in the Olympic Arts Festival as part of The New Gallery’s Olympic presentation. While in Calgary, vänçi was surprised by the number of adults who were…Continue

Tags: statement, atc

To Post or Not to Post

Started by Linda French. Last reply by lin collette Dec 29, 2015. 8 Replies

I need some input here, buddies. I know that the general trend is to communicate quite a bit on the ATC site about the jams. It's nice to read the comments, too. Helps it feel like more of a community. The problem for me is that I just can't do it all. I'd like to, but I just don't have what it takes to get it done. Maybe it would be better if I didn't do the jams but just did swaps with whoever would like to.  I've had to back away from doing much posting on IUOMA; it was swallowing up my…Continue

ATC Rebel scavenger hunt - August 2015

Started by Angie & Snooky. Last reply by Grace Sanford Dec 24, 2015. 63 Replies

Make a ATC(s) that includes each of these items only once. *Sewing *Orange *circle *a plant *a wordYour ATC may include other things as well.Everyone who signs up with be assigned partners. How many partners you have will depend on how many people sign up. The maximum number of partners will be 5 but as many people as want to sign up can. Every one will send and receive between 1-5 ATCs. You will receive as many as you send.If you only want 1 partner, say so otherwise I'll assume you are…Continue


Started by res. Last reply by res Dec 22, 2015. 54 Replies

An ATC Blitz is the bombardment -- by members of the ATC Rebels Group -- of a particular member with works on the subject of a chosen theme. "Blitz" is from the German "Blitzkrieg" or "lightning-war" -- a sudden aerial bombardment. Only in our case, it's the snailmailforce bombing a fellow artist's post box, at their own pace, with tiny works of art.The artist-recipient lists their chosen theme(s) here, then the rest of us respond whenever we can and as often as we wish, so that they will have…Continue

Tags: Blitz, Rebels, ATC

ATC - Tag! Make me an ATC

Started by Angie & Snooky. Last reply by Grace Sanford Aug 10, 2015. 139 Replies

Let's start a game of "Tag."To start - I'll list 5 themes that I'd like to receive an ATC on.Whoever posts next will 1) say, "Tag," 2) list 5 things they want to receive an ATC on and 3) send me an ATC in the style of one of my themes.Then, they wait for the next person to tag them and on and on until we run out of…Continue


Started by Amy Irwen. Last reply by Amy Irwen Oct 28, 2013. 97 Replies

Here's your chance to join in on a two (2) ATC swap and be eligible to be crowned "Rebel for a Day"!!!This is going to be fun, and you may receive your swap from an artist/member that you may not of had a chance to swap with +PLUS+ a chance to win a complete ATC deck that includes one (1) ATC from each artist/member that participates.Here are the rules:A host will accept all ATC's (since this was my idea, I will be the host) ...see, easy!Each participant will submit two (2) like ATC's - color,…Continue


Started by Amy Irwen. Last reply by Carina Oct 21, 2013. 61 Replies

OK EVERYONE....TIME TO VOTE!!!Each PARTICIPANT has a separate comment section for their (2) ATC's.... under the "reply" section for YOUR FAVORITE type the word "vote" the end of the voting week, Saturday, October 12, 2013, all votes will be tallied...the winner will be crowned "Rebel for a Day" and wins the card stack of 16 ATC's....Please vote only once so make it count!Good Luck to Everyone!Continue

How Can We Get More Of The ATC Rebels Involved In Exchanges?

Started by Amy Irwen. Last reply by Amy Irwen Aug 20, 2013. 23 Replies

There are so many artists that are part of this group, but unfortunately we just have a handful that trade.So, what would you like to see from ATC Rebel that would entice you back?If you have decided that this group is not for you, and you no longer want to be a part of trades, please take a minute and "un- join" the group. Everyone will understand; life goes on.I'm anxious to hear from all our members!!!!Amy IrwenMN ATC RebelContinue

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Comment by De Villo Sloan 11 hours ago

I documented a Buddy Jam with Erin Young. Many thanks!

Comment by Fleur Helsingor on Thursday

I've received a lovely ATC-sized Valentine from Denise Woodward. It has a sweet heart-shaped charm attached to it.

Comment by Fleur Helsingor on Thursday

I've been receiving a bunch of wonderful trades lately! Here's one from William Mellott:

And one from Erin Young:

Thanks to both of you!!

Comment by Fleur Helsingor on Wednesday

I have several things ready for you, William, but I'll hold off on sending them. Stay safe!

Comment by res on Tuesday

bon voyage. stay safe.

Comment by Denise Woodward on Tuesday
Have a safe journey William. Let us know when you are home.
Comment by William M on Tuesday

thanks everyone! terry, usually i do go to pdx on trips back as i have a lot of friends down there. hopefully next time i'm down there we'll be able to meet up. :)

Comment by Terry Owenby on Tuesday

Safe travels, William. You will be so close to Portland. It would have been fun to meet.

Comment by Amy Irwen on Tuesday
William, my thoughts are with travels...
Comment by Jan Hodgman on Tuesday

Travel well, William, and enjoy the Pacific Northwest. You're coming at a glorious time--expect high near 60 F. today, signs of spring already appearing. Well-being to you. Jan


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