I have a bunch of jams for four players.  All participants add their art and info to the original card and #4 sends back to me and I make good copies for everyone.  Let me know.  I’ll send you a starter.

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Do you mean buddy jams.. if so I do  

Buddy jams are different, but I love them too.  I will include a buddy jam with the add and pass sheets.  I’d love any kind of mail art from you!


Hi Maggie, I've never heard of a one card jam. We tried doing a quad jam in the past. The rules as a buddy or trio jam just with 4 cards 4 people and the last person mails one to each player.. Is that what you mean? It never really took off. 

Erin Young, I’ve tried the four card, four artist jams too.  Fun, but kinda different from what I was thinking of. What I meant was one card and four artists. The fourth artist returns the card to the originator (the first artist), who makes really nice sturdy copies for all participants. Originator (or host) of the card keeps the original card.

I'm familiar with 3 and 4 card jams, but not buddy jams. What are they? 

Your description of one card jams sounds sort of like they could also be termed add/pass ATCs (with each card being its own add/pass, as opposed to being one card in a set of, typically, 3 or 4).  Is that right? If so, is there any prescribed plan for sharing the resulting ATC with participants?

Sounds fun either way. I'm there--but I'd like to know the 'rules' beforehand, if it makes sense to say it that way. 

Tom Hilgartner, Buddy Jams are two card two artist cards.  I love Buddy Cards too and am always glad to do those too.  Yes! Add/pass ATC is a perfect name for the one card/four artist jam! With add and pass sheets, I rarely see any more from it after mailing off to another artist. When the originator gets back the completed card, he or she provides all the other three artists with quality copies.  

Sounds fun--I'm in. Just send 'em my way at your leisure.


I do :)

ArtbyJac, thanks for responding! I will mail you some ATC Jam cards and other mailart.

I'm new here. What are jams?

Sarah, jams are ATCs that more than one artist contributes to.  An artist creates one, two, or three ATCs that are the same or similar and sends them to another artist to add their art to.  Here’s how I describe it:

JAM: One ATC that 4 artists collaborate on. The 4th artist sends it back to the host (originator), who then makes quality copies for all participants. Originator gets to keep the original. 

BUDDY CARDS: Two ATCs are started and sent to another artist who completes both, keeps one and sends the other one back to the originator. Both artists get an original.

ROUND ROBINS: Three ATCs are started and sent to a 2nd artist who adds to all three and sends to a 3rd artist who finishes them up, keeps one and sends one to each of the other artists. All three artists get an original.

Everyone who participates puts their name and address on the backs of all cards.  If you’re interested, I can send all three types or any of your choosing. 



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