RECEIVED: MinXus Shotpo performance w/Ficus strangulensis & Empress Marie +! Theresa Williams, Matthew Stolte, Mamie Eliane, Svenja Wahl, Suus in Mokum, E - Ambassador of Utopia

“Shotpo” by Ficus strangulensis (West Virginia, USA) using a visual poem by Empress Marie Antonette aka Marie Wintzer (Saitama, Japan)

November 10, 2012 - The MinXus-Lynxus Shooting Gallery Project has been completed with the mail return of “Shotpo” compositions from visual poet and expert rifle marksman Ficus strangulensis to MinXus USA.

I mailed Ficus work by Empress Marie (Japan), Trashpo by Diane Keys (USA), and a William Shakespeare sonnet target-formatted for precision text editing and spontaneous holistic composition by rifle. I will share documentation in a number of blogs at the IUOMA.

The invention of Shotpo results from a MinXus event score that builds on earlier work by William S. Burroughs and Dick Higgins (1000 Symphonies). In short, under "Safety First" conditions, Ficus fired his gun at the vispo-targets to make the holes.

The pieces returned show a consistent energy field form of composition with areas of high density hole concentration. Targets reveal highly organic Shotpo prosody structures:


Photo courtesy of Ficus strangulensis

Original visual poem by Empress Marie:


Courtesy of MinXus-Lynxus USA Archives

The Ficus strangulensis method of spontaneous composition produced a highly refined Holism:

Detail shot courtesy of Ficus strangulensis – distortion and page trauma are only evident upon close inspection


Closer detail reveals more about hole structure, distortion and penetration damage. Photo courtesy of Ficus strangulensis

Ficus strangulensis Shotpo re-composition/de-signification of classic visual poem by Empress Marie


Target detail showing compound hole prosody. Courtesy of Ficus strangulensis


Shotpo-etics. Photo courtesy of Ficus strangulensis


Detail courtesy of Ficus strangulensis


Many thanks to all who participated in the Shooting Gallery Project. More documentation forthcoming.


For more on the MinXus-Lynxus Shooting Gallery Project, click below:



Zombie baby meets "Uncle Tom" Eliot from Theresa Williams (Bradner, Ohio, USA)


Mail-art by IUOMA member Theresa Williams (Bradner, Ohio, USA)


IUOMA friends will will immediately recognize Theresa Williams' Baby Ghoulio who made such an Eternal Network splash during the now-fading 2012 Halloween season. Always thoughtful, she imbued this Baby Ghoulio with “Redeeming Social Value” to meet the always high standards and impeccable tastes (as well as everyday low prices) of MinXus-Lynxus. As with so many of us, the zombie baby’s existential crisis is sparked by an encounter with T.S. Eliot’s “The Wasteland.”

Reverse side of zombie baby mail-art from Miss Theresa William Carlos Williams

And the envelope:

Make sure to visit Theresa Williams' Letter Project, a modern correspondence school:



Asemic visual poetry from Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Mail-art by Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA) 


Matthew Stolte sent this fine example of his more abstract and complex visual poetry that has rich textures and a liquid-like flow of shapes, distortions, recognizable letters and words that all-too-soon transform into asemics. Lyricism seems a most appropriate term. Much of the work received from Matt previously (and blogged at the IUOMA) has been found materials. Others, however, are striking black and white compositions often tending toward the minimal; there is an echo of some of those pieces in the work above too. Well-versed in the conventions of mail-art, Matt makes good use of his envelopes:


Make sure to visit Matthew Stolte's new blog:



Mamie Eliane (Nancy, France) hails MinXus-Lynxus


Mail-art from Mamie Eliane (Nancy, France), mother of artist Laurence Gillot

When Laurence Gillot made a call through the Eternal Network to send mail-art to brighten the life of her mother, Mamie Eliane, MinXus-Lynxus was there.

In return, Mamie Eliane sent us this clever and hand-some work expressing her deepest thanks for our most humble gesture. We can only assume she expresses solidarity through her art for MinXus-Lynxus and the return of Empress Marie to her rightful throne:

Best wishes to Mamie Eliane and Laurence Gillot!


Visual poetry by Svenja Wahl (Heidelberg, Germany)


Mail-art by Svenja Wahl (Heidelberg, Germany)

Svenja Wahl is much admired down on the mink ranch for her collage work and visual poetry that frequently involves at least one layer of images upon the foundation of the always interesting, often aged text she has a talent for finding. One can locate interesting fonts and graphic design styles marking various eras of popular culture


More detail focusing on text:

Svenja Wahl managed to achieve some very subtle and beautiful textures with this piece. The address side of the card is sweet and entertaining:

Seriously tenderfoots, have a look at the “awesome” work Miss Svenja has been doing, if you are not already devoted fans:


Asemics from Suus in Mokum (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Mail-art by Suus in Mokum (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Suus in Mokum sent this lovely small card (approximately 2 inches x 2 inches) with her asemic writing and overlain with calligraphy adding minimalist concrete poetry to the mix. I am pleased MinXus inspired Suus to experiment again with asemics:


And here’s the little envelope it arrived in:


See more Suus in Mokum!



E - Ambassador of Utopia (Guivry, France), M.O.T.M. (Member, Order of the Tangerine Mink)


 Mail-art by IUOMA member E - The Ambassador of Utopia (Guivry, France)


MinXus-Lynxus has recently named E - The Ambassador of Utopia a member of the distinguished Order of the Tangerine Mink. He has brought new ideas and vitality to MinXus-Lynxus. We are honoured by his friendship.


Mail-art by E- The Ambassador of Utopia

E also identifies with Fluxus members in the mail-art network.

He has designed some wonderful new MinXus stamps.


Mail-art by E - The Ambassador of Utopia



Above is a rare, unmuzzled MinXus stamp.


E- Ambassador of Utopia has a number of interesting blogs and ongoing projects. Check them out and participate!


Many thanks to all who contributed mail-art, visual poetry, asemics and work in the spirit of MinXus-Lynxus.


And you are cordially invited to see more at MinXus-Lynxus:



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Comment by De Villo Sloan on November 14, 2012 at 10:21pm

Cracker Jack Kid done a pitur a me I put up on the Bunk House Wall. Not everybody gets a pitur o' themselves drawed up by Cracker.

Comment by De Villo Sloan on November 14, 2012 at 10:08pm

Great fun. We've put Marie & Ficus with some rarified company indeed. TWCW, I've been using David Lehman's "The Last Avant Garde" as my current NYS source; seems pretty good.

Thanks again tendefoots. See yall at the Mink Ranch. In fact, you might want to take a gander at who the Empress has named to the Order of the Tangerine Mink, take the what your hairstyle says about you quiz, and see if Dw has fully recovered from the blowtorch accident and bar fight.

Comment by De Villo Sloan on November 14, 2012 at 12:20pm

NY School in poetry, which had its equivalent NY School of painting. Ray Johnson's world. But right. Probably no place for it at Yoma. Thanks for your comment. 

Comment by Rebecca Guyver on November 14, 2012 at 12:08pm

Have missed all this and not sure I would understand anyway - I have so many gaps in my knowledge and will read back but have looked at Bill Berkson and Love, Love, Love.  When I was a kid I went to school with Vinnie Katz and we read stuff and I'd forgotten. What am I doing here?  I should be reading aloud. You guys are such distractions.

Comment by De Villo Sloan on November 14, 2012 at 11:48am

One more TWCW: Bill Berkson is an interesting poet in the direct post-Frank line.

This is relevant because I see a ghost of Frank in Ficus's poetry, albeit run through a blender with all sorts of other things tossed in.

Comment by De Villo Sloan on November 14, 2012 at 10:37am

The Day Lady Died: "And then I stopped breathing"

Comment by De Villo Sloan on November 14, 2012 at 10:34am

Wow, you know I never heard his voice before & an eerie poem that reveals that - er ah - problem he had. He mentions Frank O'Hara. I gather Frank liked Ted. As cosmic lobbyist, I push for Frank over Ashbery-Koch-Schuyler. Teaching Frank O'Hara today in fact.

Comment by De Villo Sloan on November 14, 2012 at 12:52am

Thanks for the comment, Theresa. David Stafford was very kind to send me a book last year about Joe Brainard that jogged my memory about the 2nd generation NY School.

You have that strange phenom of Berrigan, Padgett & Brainard all coming from Tulsa OK & I think John Ashbery nicknamed them the Tulsa School. To be honest, I'm not huge on Padgett or Brainard, prefferring Berrigan, Tom Clark & drifting into Jim Carroll, Waldman & a different world altogether.

I doubt the Tulsa School folks ever stayed mad at each other for long. 

Comment by Carina on November 13, 2012 at 8:47am

Yes, it's a good sign and object.

Ah, young Niki. I know her story.

Comment by De Villo Sloan on November 12, 2012 at 1:51pm

I meant "home."



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