Mail Art from Germany by Fluxfest Reporter Jessica Manack (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Mail art by Jessica Manack (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

May 27, 2017 - Would I – your faithful and always reliable gateway to the inner machinations of the Eternal Network – ever stoop to ride the coattails of the sensational celebrity of a mail artist who is currently “the toast of the town”? Would the work of named “toast of the town” inexplicably rise (with a bullet) to the top of my “Fab Faves” pile?

Absolutely! If you know me, you’ve seen this favoritism many times before.

Jessica Manack is currently receiving justifiable attention and praise on the internet for her video coverage of Fluxfest in Chicago. It just so happens she sent me a card from Germany some weeks ago, and this is possibly the first time many networkers have actually seen mail art by Jessica. She certainly is a supportive presence, and it’s nice to discover she is a talent too. Now I reveal the personal message Jessica sent before her Fluxfest coverage began:

Here is a link to some of Jessica Manack’s Fluxfest videos and pics. The link will take you to Fluxlist on Facebook, and you will need to scroll down to find Jessica’s posts (best I could do):

Many thanks to Jessica Manack!

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Comment by De Villo Sloan on May 30, 2017 at 6:13pm

Thanks Jessica. Such a great card.

Somehow I've missed you in the network in past years. So other than FB, you're new to me. Sorry, I don't remember if there was an earlier piece. (I'm over 1000 blogs now on IUOMA-Ning alone).

I do appreciate your pics and videos of Fluxfest. I was having some problems (nothing related to you) because I've blocked so many of those Fluxus people on FB for the bickering and the pranks like Kipsy Marlowe and that freaking puppet. And then I got into an argument with Allen Jackov or whomever he is.

So, you know, I was desperate to get videos and pics of Diane Keys' performance at Fluxfest. And there was no info. I've had to resort to stealing them from the internet, but I do have some now. I have some very good leg shots.

I realize that you didn't take DK pics. (I'm not sure where I stole the one from above.) But you did open up Fluxfest to "The People" because at first we didn't know what was going on.

Anyway, very nice to meet you.

Comment by Jessica Manack on May 30, 2017 at 4:29pm
Who are you talking about in this entry -- little ol' me? It is true that I am probably more active on Facebook lately than mailing -- it's just the reality of working a lot and having a toddler and it being more likely that I have a few minutes to scroll FB than get down and dirty in my studio! I have about 1000 ideas for mail that I want to send. Here's hoping that I will get to realize them all someday! I did send a big edition of these "introvert" cards since I had lots of time on airplanes. I know that I have sent you something before, too, but maybe it was too cryptic/trashy! Fluxfest was a good opportunity for me, as a relative newbie, to step back and observe a bit. Hope to attend future gatherings too!

Thanks also for posting the scan. I love words too damn much. I need to leave more room for those cool postmarks! Sometimes ou just need to let a thing be. You'll hear from me again, just you wait!



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