In Awe of Jay Block's Latest Mail Art Endeavors...

Well, I admit it... I was completely jealous of a piece of mail art that friend Carina Granlund received recently. But there wasn't any need to be jealous...because I was lucky enough to get my very own version from the artist, Jay Block!

This is definitely the thickest piece that I have ever got in the mail from Jay, who has perfected the collage postcard. This piece, however, came in an envelope that must have been a quarter inch thick, and required two forever stamps (and two expert artistamps). The envelope, itself, was hand-created.

At first look, the piece appears quite similar to Jay's torn collage work. Jay must have the world's most extensive collections of magazine and ephemera from which to tear his medium, because he always seems ot be able to find just the right juxtaposition of images and design. He's also great at filling  the space of his white space for Jay. This piece, if you look closely enough, has subtle references to Shakespeare...

...Which is appropriate to the theme of the piece when it is opened up...The Bonfire of the Vanities (which is referenced or a theme in Shakespeare's Richard II  (...I think?)

Anyway, it's not just a boekie;..the piece is more like a pop-up book with things sproinging up at you in three dimensions! Jay has achieved this through some sort of magical accordion transformation that I'm quite certain required a master's degree in engineering...

The effect is phenomenal and also reveals secrets dependent on what angle one looks at the piece!

I mean...whoa...I can't even fathom the time and detail work that it took to create this diorama... so I hope it was more fun than frustration, Jay! I am, however, more than thrilled to be the recipient of your labor, and I will enjoy its ocular delights for some time!

Thank you, thank you!

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Comment by Jay Block on August 7, 2016 at 5:47pm

glad that it arrived... I am having a lot of fun making these... pretty much how I work on the tear pieces, just the layers are expanded



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