High Art High Brows, Low Art Low Brows?

I received this wonderful collaged envelope from Erni.
'O, hier is weer zo'n knutselwerk', the lady from the postboxes said when she took the envelope from a hidden place (as it didn't fit in the postbox). Translated: 'Oh, here's an other fiddling work' (the funny thing is that in Dutch 'art' is 'kunst', and 'knutselen' is to fiddle / tinker (in a positive way).
And Erni wrote the relativizing words already on top of the envelope:
'If you can't get any high art,
why not trying some low?
Why not try mine?'

Well, I think Erni's art Art, not low (nor high?). As is the art work you can see in the back (especially created for the king for King's day, by normal people, I am told).


The question: 'to get high art or to get not high art' is an intriguing one.

I compared Erni's art with the art of Herman Brood, the late Dutch singer and artist, whose art nowadays is considered 'high art'. I cannot get that myself: I found this painting in the Music School.
So decide for yourself: which work of art is most arty?
Behold Erni's Kurt whistling, while Brood's accordeon player has a hazy gaze...
Whether Erni agrees or not: Erni's art is high art!

Inside the envelope a beautiful collage, titled 'wir kümmern uns'= 'We care'
(alas a little too large for my scanner, so you have to imagine some more cms added to the left and right):

And a folder:

And in this folder....


A very nice surprise!

..... which I leave a surprise for the time being....

... to be continued next week (or so).


Herzlichen Dank, Erni!

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