Haddock - Blaster Al stamp via Amy Irwen (Rosemount, Minnesota, USA)

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Wild Billy Haddock stamp sent via Amy Irwen (Rosemount, Minnesota, USA)


December 6, 2013 - I have been a Haddock fan since the Zine Age. Haddock, aka Wild Bill Haddock and Billy Haddock, is a veteran mail-artist who is part of the vibrant generation that includes John M. Bennett, Blaster Al Ackerman, David Zack and many notable others. I love Haddock's work; but I do not know very much about him, other than that I can trace his activity as far back as the 1970s. He is still active and living in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

IUOMA friend Amy Irwen has struck up a correspondence with the venerable Haddock. Learning of my admiration for this mail-art legend, Amy passed along a stamp she received from him:

I am not sure whether this is actually a stamp by Blaster Al or whether it is about Blaster; Haddock and Blaster share similar styles. I would be interested if anyone knows any background. What a stunning piece to add to the archive! This is a truly thoughtful gift from Amy Irwen! Now that Haddock is back on the radar, I will be sure to drop him a line. Again, many thanks, Amy.

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Comment by De Villo Sloan on December 6, 2013 at 6:11pm

Amy, sending the stamp was very thoughtful & deeply appreciated.

Okay, so Moan Lisa was your gateway to Haddock. I've never thought about that combination before. Oh, that is scary! I can imagine a collab.

I thought it better not to post any examples of average Haddock work here at friendly IUOMA.

Thanks again.

Comment by Amy Irwen on December 6, 2013 at 3:42pm
You are so welcome.....I knew it would be best in your hands as I did not want to reuse it...
I find some of Billies art very humorous....others need to stay hidden in the dark enterior of the envelope! But I have never regretted being introduced to los Haddock by Moan Lisa......NEVER FEAR ART!



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