Today's Mail Call here at the Studio is really wonderful, full of surprises, and just plain delightful.

We've finally been able to see what we are to expect upcoming, and our eyes are quite happy. While any of us not local have to wait and view it all here in Photos, let's just say, we know they'll be thrilled. 

At first sight, Val's colorful brochure conversion Postcard had us thinking we had entered his secret world. So much bold color! It gave a jump to the adrenaline. :) Remarkable how the stamp he affixed has no postmark, only one little nick along one edge. Curious.

Next up, our eyes lit upon Marguerite E. Keen's fancilful and sewn-edged envelope. So inspired and inspiring at the same time!

Carl T. Chew's intense invention occurred to us next, a pouch of super generous proportions. By then, we were salivating!

Brandishing my X-acto knife, these were soon opened.

Beginning with Carl's, our eyes widened with amazed enchantment. He had sent us a SIGNED and DATED POSTER that further reads: "To R. McG." Our socks were knocked off! We were blown away. Still can't quite fathom it. I think we have just the right place to display for our first gift of some size from one of the members here at IUOMA. :)


On the edge of our seats with delight, I did the honors with the X-acto on Marguerite's lovely offering.The lining of her striking art envelope is a cheering rosy color, dotted all over by metallic red small hearts. Very eye-catching! But what delighted us more were the contents. A confection of various papers, ephemera, even hand sewn buttons tied like tiny tassel-ish fringe. Simply stunning! It's all so fine, but I can't help wondering if the Studio's scanner is too 2D for so textured a surface. We'll soon find out. 

Meanwhile, it helps to have the right camera,especially since Carl's poster gift cannot be scanned except in fragmented form. The 3 available to this point were either under the weather or non-functioning, making our priorities clear: new CAMERA---ASAP. 

So a hearty THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all 3 of the venturesome folks who've already upped the ante and pleased yours truly immensely with the thought I might one day find I am achieving more in art than ever before. And sorry if the current lack of right camera to our studio (really--I mean how can you have 3 and find none will do the job required! Sheesh!). As soon as this is rectified, I'll be sure to post any of the resulting photos.



Having tried a first artistamp, I'm beginning to see just how difficult it really can be to make a convincing Cinderella look to be genuine. You all are so creative, I know we'll have lots of inspiration, and maybe even a few hints to help us improve the look of ours.

Test Tower's advice is already giving us a better aim, and his enthusiasm is quite infectious. Here's to more exchanges there. He actually graced us with a sheet of one of his designs in that genre. As always, with some good humor thrown in. Thanks, Test!

Meanwhile, I personally am doing all of the corresponding for a while, altho' this could change. Lots of to-doings for our group make it certain this could go on quite a while. So much the better. I'm to have all the fun!

Cheerio, all!

Rose & Friends

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Comment by Plush Possum Studio-Rose McGuinn on February 22, 2011 at 3:45pm

Still learning how the blog scene works here at IUOMA. So if it seems like I'm trying to re-flog a blog, do please excuse the re-edit. I guess our excitement was so keen (pun very much intended here), my writing skills  kind of went into a tailspin. :)

As it is, we're just having so much fun watching the scene here and enjoying fresh perspectives in art, I can see us here for a long time to come.



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