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PLEASE READ: To Ruud and all my friends at IUOMA

I hope this gets the attention it deserves.

I am not happy with how things are for me today here at IUOMA's ning.

For one thing, Val's mail ends up several times a day in MY inbox, not in his.

I can do nothing about this problem.

He says it all started when his email was hacked into. Since then, his private correspondence at IUOMA is being changed against his will. I am in the process of changing every password and preparing to leave the IUOMA if this problem is…


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6/1/11 Mail Call Day: Michalis Kotsaris

The one and only IUOMA piece found this week in our mail box is from one of our Greek affiliates, Michalis Kotsaris.

It is uniquely flavored with his own brand of humor and of pathos.

The philatelic haul on the envelope is tremendously gratifying. 

Come to think of it, he's my first ever Greek mail-art compatriot!


And here's the best part:

THE ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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New mail-Art: Mail call Day 5/18/11

Hello everybody.

I am just wowed every time I find more IUOMA mail-art in our Studio's PO Box come Mail Call Day. This is truly a fascinating group of people.

This time out, there are several artists from our ranks whose works it is my pleasure to post here, and who certainly deserve a round of applause. One of these is Valentine Mark Herman, whose latest work came to the Studio mailbox during a flurry of activity, and thus had to wait. Today's bright grouping fits well with…


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Just a quick Thank You for Val

VMH himself! ANd this is good stuff.

I have to confess, nobody I had ever heard about has ever before been the fortunate recipient of such a fun, frolicsome bit of flotsam.


Dig this: It's a MENU. So fun and interesting, and artful all the way around.


Thank You, Val, for this lovely, inspiring and surprising extra. I really needed this little…


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Time Away

For the next three days, I have obligations that won't allow me the time to have fun here. But I'll be back before the weekend. With schedules overbooked, everybody here wants to have a breather, so more than one plan is being put on hold for the time being.

You can look to receive that Mail-Art I sent off as early as this coming week, but don't be surprised if it's slow in coming. Our post office here appears to be choosy in some way I cannot fathom. We'll see how they'll play along,…


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Have I promised you mail-Art shortly? If so, there's a problem.

Not one of those letters we sent off two days ago actually went with the mail man. Does this person think our artwork's not sendable? If so, any of the other pieces we sent may just have been the fluke!Altho' I did put them in the mail again this AM with a pleasant, peaceful note suggesting these were perfectly acceptable for mailing, I'm not too sure how this will turn out.

The first outing of these letters i thought overlooked, as there had been no new mail left for us that…


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Exquisite Mail-Art form Overseas and the USA!!!!

Our most recent Mail Call Day was Friday, so I'm catching up (again). I'd traded before with Skybridge Studios and Marguerite Keen, but never before with Susanne. Suffice it to say, her sleek and sophisticated work is more than I could have hoped to receive. It recalls japanese art with its simplicity and taste. Come to think of it, even her colors on the front of this work evoke thoughts of Japan's aesthetic tradition. Gorgeous, really!!! And her gift stamps are overwhelmingly…


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Mail Call Day: Riches from Overseas & the USA!!!!!!

Wow. You guys all rock my socks off! Yesterday's Mail Call yielded some bountiful surprises from 3 fine people here at IUOMA (other mail arrived, as usual, of course, including one from one of our own--hermetically sealed, I might add, with an overabundance of packing tape--?????? What were they thinking??? Like breaking into our Federal Resreve. Sheesh! But that's another story.) 

Valentine Mark Herman's lovely rose-encrusted postcard is certainly the worse for wear, more's the pity,…


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Karen Champlin Rocks Our Mail Call Day!!!!!!

Well, it feels good to have our jaunt northward and into the wilds of Longmont for the latest surprise from none other than Karen Champlin, a wonderfully gifted ATC artist.

WOW! What can I say?

See for yourself!


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What we see isn't always what we get

What with Japan in crisis and our local, far less worrisome circumstances (range fires/wildfires, et al) to the forefront of everyone's thinking, it may be hard to relax and just make art.

This would include the making of art by digital means, with a final printability factor in mind. Nothing is the same in print as on screen when one is dealing with color's variability. We've learned recently, via trial and error, just how true this can be. Our best things at the group's blog may as…


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RECEIVED: Mail-Art from artists Karen Champlin, Valentine Mark Herman, & the "Tag U R It " project

{NOTE: To view the latest arrivals, please see Photos}

Our Mail Call this afternoon was a kick to pull out of the old P.O. Box. It's like Christmas, only more freeing. Our thanks to the great people we heard from today. Karen is one tough act to follow, while Larned Justin offers a challenge and Valentine Mark Herman shares his largesse of two stamps along with more of his work. So all in all, it's been a grand Mail Call day, to say the very least! A BIG THANK YOU to each.



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I may have to go offline for a while. It's been heavy going at our main office, where a war horse of a computer is showing signs of possibly having some sort of a breakdown here shortly. We may have to take it to the dealer for work, or even leave it there for further study. Right now we are holding steady, but it seems sketchy for us here. Our nerve center blowing its top would not be funny.

It could get cleared up about midweek, but there's no telling, really.

Take care…


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Artistamp Experimentation

Well, the wow factor just isn't in the project I started last weekend towards a first artistamp. I put up a virtual sheet in our Photos, just to get a better idea how they'd look on screen, but it didn't fly.

I'm beginning to wonder how to get that fresh-looking perforated edge--in a sheet form as well as in singles.

While it can be helpful using PSE8 for this application, and even part way successful at the look I'm going for, that elusive edge seems a far distant…


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Today's Mail Call here at the Studio is really wonderful, full of surprises, and just plain delightful.

We've finally been able to see what we are to expect upcoming, and our eyes are quite happy. While any of us not local have to wait and view it all here in Photos, let's just say, we know they'll be thrilled. 

At first sight, Val's colorful brochure conversion Postcard had us thinking we had entered his secret world. So much bold color! It gave a jump to the adrenaline. :)…


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