Art From: Ryosuke Cohen, Erni Ilis, Jon Foster and David Stafford

So..... This week Ryosuke Cohen sent this Rubber stamp sheet that just curls my toes! I want to frame it-because I am a rubber stamp freak from waaaay bac,.. . and also I have a horror vaccui, so this does me goooood-Thank you, Ryosuke!!!!

Included is also the addresses of the participants of the sheet and the Orion Soup Bulletin Board. Fascinating stuff, Ryosuke!

From Erni Elis came this luscious hand folded envelope with fabulous collages inside

- and so charmingly with another hand made envelope full of toasting glasses for the kids. Relax. It's just fruit punch. Erni, thank you for all this-for the lovely notes, for everything! I'll write you back about the classes, Erni!

Jon Foster sent a lovely packet calling for pontifications on mail art in a zine he is working on.

I will try to think of a good reply... I love his stamps! Thank you, Jon!

And finally, David Stafford sends a call as a "Class Assignment" to save the Elephants (anti ivory trade) -through mail art!

Why not, David? Sounds like fun! I love your self portrait. . . and the explanation that this is "As I Look Today" The kids might really go for this one, too! Thank you, David. Thank all of you!

By the way, I owe a lot of you art and it will be headed your way soon! I've been working on a large edition of multiples and it has just taken me a while to complete. For all the arists who sent work before, allow me to send thanks again. You probably have no idea how much "play" your pieces have gotten over the last several weeks! 

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Comment by David Stafford on April 23, 2013 at 6:04am

You're welcome, Jinny. I hope the kids tackle this one...I'm here to provide encouragement: 24/7



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