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Mail Art 24: EEEK!!!! Do you DARE open the mailbox and take a peek?

And... It's BLOG time again...with 10 new creepy-fabulous (Well...would you accept "creepy-okay"?) HORRIFIC envelopes that will be haunting mailboxes around the country---and around the world! EEEK!

A word of caution: If your name is Carien van Hest, Mike Parsons, Ilya Semenenko-Basin, Russell Manning, Theo Nelson, Greg Diaz, or Mark Johnson (If he ever comes back), and you would like to be surprised by what's coming your way, DON'T LOOK!…


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Mail Art 23: Please Hand Cancel

Step right up, ladies and gentleman. It's blog post time once again. 

I haven't been all that active on here, but I have still been making my "own brand" of mail art envelopes as I can. Here are ten more spookilicious (well, horror-themed) pieces to bore, er... dazzle you with. Jon Foster and Ken B. Miller may want to sit this one out if they want to…


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Mail Art 22: Drop Box

I don't know if I am wasting my time with these or not, but here is my latest blog post-a-go-go with things I've received recently as well as 10 new envelopes I made and (BONUS!) several recently found old pieces (from 30+ years ago) that were sent back to me. 

Usually I warn IUOMA members NOT to look if I've sent them something. Most people I've sent things to that are shown here have probably received theirs by now. I'm not sure about Bradford, Russell Manning, or…


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Mail Art 21: Off It Goes

Hi! I'm B-A-C-K with another blog post featuring the latest envelopes of mine to be sent off to recipients (or mail art jail if the mail art police get ahold of them). Take a gander --or don't. However, SPOILER ALERT! If your name is Tara Odorizzi, Mike Parsons, Snappy, Drew Kinninmont, MomKat, Josh Porter, marina minou, Devin S. Turk, Lars…


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Hey--Although I am not 100% sure (I don't see it listed anywhere on my page.), based on the earliest posting of anything I can find for me, TODAY (3/15/2023) is apparently my 1st anniversary here on IUOMA. I'd really like to thank everyone I've had contact with on here for making my return to mail art (I was originally active from mid-1980s-early…


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Mail Art 20: Answering the Mail Call!

Hi there. I wasn't planning on another blog post chuck full o' my envelopes quite so soon, but Coco Muchmore had that quasi-urgent call for help (Asking people to send in mail art for a class she is presenting in early April) and Maxima Strange has her new goth project up and running. I HAD to help. So, I busted my butt and cranked these out.…


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Mail Art 19: A Blast From The Past & Up To Date!

I know I only recently added a new post about my mail art, but I'm b-a-c-k with a new one already (thanks to lots o' time on my hands due to the need to get ready for --and then recover from--a colonoscopy. O' the glamour of it all! But--in addition to my new envelopes, there is a HUGE cache of some vistage stuff of mine from the late 1980s-early…


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Mail Art 18: Backlogged and Behind Once Again--and MEETING an IUOMA Member!

Hi there. I'm b-a-c-k from my extended stay in California---and have been overwhelmed with mail art chores since my return. Phew! But, once home, I jumped right back in. The break did nothing for me. My mail art is...the same tired stuff. Oh well. 

A hightlight on my trip south was the meeting up with another real life IUOMA-er!…


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Mail Art #17: New Year--New Mail Art

Hi there! I hope you've survived the holidays and are ready to trudge into 2023 ready to make mail art. (II'm taking a break for the next 6 weeks, but...) I've got another post of recent mail art (received and sent),…


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Mail Art 16--The Quasi-Holiday Edition

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I'm back with a recent sampling of my latest pieces. YES, I am retired from mail art at large, my mail box is closed, my address removed, etc. But that doesn't mean I don't still enjoy doing it for family, friends, and the few contacts in the mail art world I have kept. I try to keep it all one-sided. While appreciated, I do NOT…


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Mail Art 15: Delivery Delayed

Hi there! Now that you've stuffed yourself with Thanksgiving goodness, it's time to stuff your eyes with....MORE MAIL ART!!! (If you DARE!)

The link to my blog post is HERE (However, if your names are P. Landon, Jan Hodgman, Mark Johnson, Theo Nelson, Maxima Strange, BonnieDiva, Marina Minou, or Coco Muchmore, you may NOT want to look…


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Mail Art 14: Lost in the Mail

It's another mail art blog-o-rama! If your heart can stand it, feel free to take a gander at the things that have come creeping into my mailbox---and the horrors that I have been sending back out into the world. EEEK!

WARNING! If your name is Maxima Strange, Amy Kiessling, Tara Odorizzi, Greg Diaz, or Bradford, you may NOT want to look as it…


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Mail Art 13: Lick My Stamps!

YIKES!!!  It is mail art blog posting time once agian, kiddies. It's time to put your peepers in and get a gander or two at seemingly endless variations of the same, tired haunted house-theme in envelope form. But it is October. Halloween is coming. This is a nice way to kick off the season...unless you are too SCARED!?! The link is HERE: …


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Mail Art 12: What? MORE??? Ugh...

Okay, kiddies... It's blog time once again. Take a gander, if you will, at what has been being made at Monster-A-GoGo Headquarters. However, if your name is Coco Muchmore, BonnieDiva, Pam Chatfield, Marcia Rosenberger, or Patricia Landon, you may NOT want to look...if you want to be surprised. 

The link to the blog can be found here:…


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You Can Run, But You Can't Hide...

It's time for another mail art post of the comings and goings in my (supposed to be) retired life. Can your heart stand the terror of my mail? EEEK! Take a look if you dare! If your name is Maxima Strange, Marina Minou, Luis Filipe Gomes, Ficus Strangulensis, Amy Kiessling, Jan Hodgman, Ken b Miller, or The Museum of Mail Art, you may WANT TO…


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Mail Art 10 ---I am CAUGHT UP and officially RETIRED from mail art!

So, I did it. I am finally caught up on everyone on IUOMA that I owe mail to. (Please do NOT send me any. I am NOT accepting anything else.) The friends I felt I needed to send something to are also all taken care of. So I am calling it--FINALLY! I am re-retired!

Does this mean I am stopping? (Read the blog and find out---and see the last…


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Mail Hold Ordered--Mail Art 9

It's blog time again. If you'd like to see the latest things I've either made/mailed out or received, feel free to take a look.

WARNING! If your name is Leo Rossmiller, Triboulet, Lars Schumacher, Josh Porter, and/or the artist formerly known as moan lisa, and you wished to be surprised by what comes your way,…


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Mail Art Part 8--Spooky Things in the Mail Box!

It's blog time again, a chance to peek in and see what mysterious things have come my…


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Delivery Attempted -- Mail Art 7: The TERROR of Mail Art

I've got another post featuring new works I have sent and received in the past month or so. However, if you are BonnieDiva, Maxima Strange, Amy Kiessling, or P Landon, you might NOT want to take a look (unless you've gotten something from me very recently):…


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Please Forward--Mail Art 6: The HOUSE of Mail Art

I have another blog with more Mail Art stuff found from 20-30 years ago---AND new stuff received--AND new Mail Art I've sent out. I am still trying to retire from Mail Art. I am ALMOST able to. 

The link is below. Take a look or don't. If you THINK you may be getting mail from me and want to be surprised--DON'T LOOK!  (These people…


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