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art in my mailbox! 04/07/20

tuesday 04/07/20 lots of swell art came my mailbox way the last few days.

**an envelope from my near neighbor Jokie X. Wilson, also of San Francisco, contains many cutouts of machineries and two Radical Pansy buttons.

**A lovely envelope from Fleur Helsingor, of Oakland with some of her excellent work

**some neat stuff from Eugene, Oregon artist Nick Johnson

**A wonderful mailer From John M. Bennett of Ohio, with asemic wrirting and an…


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let me tell you about the wonderful things in my recent mail



i've gotten some fabulous mail art within the last couple or 3 days...

*Envelope full of stuff from Mike "Capt. Biology" Dickau, my neighbor from Sacramento, California;

**Not ONE, but TWO pieces from Lord Fugue, the pride of Lenoir, North Carolina--very very groovy…


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Yippee-ya-yo-ki-yay, i got mail art today!

A big manila envelope with many colorful stamps and stickers affixed, from Adam Roussopoulos of Chaska, Minnesota (ahoy ahoy, new amigo).

Inside, I find:

* A stapled 8.5x11" book of text collage

*A sheet of pix of Bourbon the Dog and another of Tofu the Cat

*A page of pix of various POST NO BILLS signs

*A page of different US POSTAGE PAID stamps


Thx for the neato surprise, Adam Roussopolous; see you in…


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kiddy colors loud lurid bright and brazen

i love to use kiddy art

materielle. Poster paint

and Crayolas and

construction paper, those

little plastic trays of

watercolors. Oh, and

Wet'N'Wild nail polish

and flash dry.

i like that they're cheap

and widely available

(wherever there's a

Walgreens or Walmart or

kmart or Target or dollar

and change store, there's

crayons and tempra

paint). i try to work a

low-budg aesthetic…


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What mail art did *I* get today?

wednesday, 07/31/2019, 01:10AM

Oh, my, where to start? *All* of my mail was mail art today, and three pieces out of the four were from new friends and correspondents.

First off, I've got an envelope from Hilgart, who hails from Charleston West Virginia, with a fab b&w graphic on the front, which contains some photographs, a very nice diagram of an 1840s mechanical toy horse, some Dada Dollars, and a copy of HILGART RECEPTIVE #7.

Next up, a big bright red envelope…


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I just challenged myself!

Fri 09/29/2017, 14:28

While out on errands this morning, I found a half-dozen back issues of National Geographic and a self-published book of somebody's goofy poetry. Of course I brought them home with me! That's why I've issued myself a little creative challenge for this afternoon--making ten [10] cards with these requirements:

*Each must be a standard 5.5"x3.5" (13.97x8.89 centimeters to our non-Yank…


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I'm BACK! [Warning: Sorry-Ass Excuses Ahead!]

Hello, all! recently i've been a lazy lout, haven't done any mail art or much else. Some folks sent me beautiful and clever pieces i haven't acknowledged nor responded to.

Because why? Because i've been pretty broke. Because i've been feeling low. Because I got run over by  a car on Friday 06/02* (it's true!). Because me and my partner and our pets all live in a tiny little hotel room and I can't always get it together to clear a big-enough space to spread out my making…


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groovin' on a saturday afternoon

sat 03/18/2017 15:54

sfpl sfcausa

last night i had an art fit. did some throwing-about of poster paint and a little collage; mailed a couple of pieces--including one which i sent to my crimey-and-spouse who lives @ the same address as me. he really liked that particular card, so i'm gonna give it to him!

this aft, i'm @ the san fran pub lib; our internet connection has once again gone temporarily t*ts-up. thank whoever's-in-charge for that free library online access!…


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Thanks a zillion, nice folks!

It's saturday afternoon, and I'd like to thank all you lovely artistes who hollered back with help and encouragement when i sent out my li'l the wall and on the blog the other day. Our Internet service where we live is not always entirely at its best, like recently, and i've got a streak of indolence in my makeup that's a mile wide, so sometimes  it takes me a little longer than we like, to respond to messages--but please do be in touch, 'k?.

Senor Velcrow…


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The Velcrow Vaquero Is Verily Vexed

thurs 03/09/2017 15:30

THIS ISN'T MEANT AS A GRIPE OR COMPLAINT!but i'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed and confused by the site. there's so much here for me to take in and figure out. i do not know where to post messages like this one so that the wider IUOMA can see them-- here, on this page? on *my* page?  is it preferable to frame my messaging as a blog post or in the discussion forum?

where and when and how to introduce myself further -- i ain't sure, do folks read each…


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