There are two ways to participate:

1. You get a sheet from me, and add stamps to it and return it.

2. You get a collage-sheet. Add on it and it is full and you return it to me.

If you want option 1. Just send me your address and I will send you a sheet to work on.

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Thanks Rudd - I was just wanting to get involved w/ this somehow....ah, you're invading my dreams...;)

I would like option 1 also:

Claire A. Dinsmore
5840 Alderson Street, Apt.5
Pittsburgh, PA 15217-2467

[Ohh: I'm excited!]


I'm glad the historic project goes on. Send me a sheet.


Option 1 is good for me. Send the sheet snail mail to PO Box 151, Hancock, NH 03449.

I have some newly created Fluxus stamps ready for the occasion.

CrackerJack Kid

I'll go with Option 1.

Please send to:  A. Burke, 5415 Wilshire DR, Santa Rosa, CA  95404  USA

Thanks Ruud!

Thanks for these requests. Envelopes with sheets go out today!

Hi Ruud, option 1 is probably ok for me!

Carina Granlund

Håkansvägen 76

66540 Petsmo


OPTION 1... :)

Marcela Peral

Reconquista 1442 - Rosario -

S 2013 BXV 


I'll be waiting!

Option 1 for me..


eepy post

Box 41021

Loon Island Post Office

Port Coquitlam, BC

Canada  V3C 5Z9

Option 1 please!

Anna Micciulla

138 Carroll Farm Road

Reidsville, NC 27320


Thank you!

option 1 please. lots of them!

Vizma Bruns

574 Waitpinga Rd, Waitpinga. SA 5211



Sheets have been sent out....!

Thank you!!!




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