Before I started sending things, I generally stuck stuff down with glue sticks.  But after I had a couple of envelopes returned because labels fell off, I have been searching for the ultimate humidity resistant glue.  Any suggestions?  I am considering rubber cement.  I haven't used it in years but I remember it is pretty tough (tho' a little lumpy)

Thanks for any tips!!

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yes indeed, Yes Paste is the bomb. It doesn't warp paper like white glue sometimes does, and it's just generally less messy (while it IS messier than glue sticks).

I find that glue sticks are permanent when new but sticks which have been left with the top off and have dried out are not so good. They don't like non-absorbent surfaces like plastic, foil or varnish, then I use double-sided sticky tape.

  Well for collages and that sort of thing, the best results depend on the stuff to be stuck. I do use  glue sticks on "absorbent"  paper or for initial placement, craft clear glue (whatever the heck that is) for other things, but the final finish I use regular acrylic gel.  I haven't seen Yes! in the stores.

  I've given up on any glue holding labels to envelopes- now I always use industrial clear packing tape.  Not elegant, but nothing has been returned for lack of label. Didn't think of double sided tape, which is super for lots of things.  ANd the added advantage of the clear packing tape is that it is water resistant.

The search for the perfect glue seems endless.  I find double-sided tape rather pricey but convenient.  I currently use gel medium most of the time with glue stick sometimes just in the centre of elements to audition the placement, leaving edges free in case I want to slip something under or peel it up.  I do find that gel medium doesn' stiffen things like ModgePodge does which can be good or bad as sometimes I want to stiffen up a card and gel medium leaves it as flexible as it was.  I also find gel medium can be tacky even when dry and stick to other things in a package.  Dusting with baby powder helps.  I am feeling like I might still have a place for ModgePodge as a sealer for limp cards.  Oh and I use 3 in 1 or other clear glue in a precision bottle for teeny things like adhering individual sequins.  But I'm still a very messy glue person so still experimenting. 

There seems to be a difference in gel media.  I've had good luck with both Jerry's and Golden (tho' most pricey!), Both take at least 24 hrs. to dry totally.  Modpodge never dries for me and don't get me started on some bargain stuff I bought at Hobby Lobby.  Ugh!

I guess "your mileage may vary" applies here.  Modgepodge dries fine for me (I have only used the matte version) but I currently have Golden, TriArt and Liquitex gel mediums in various finishes and I have problems with all of those remaining tacky.   My Golden is the gloss and it has been very disappointing for the money.

My major complaint with Modgepodge is lumpiness but I have never tried thinning it out as some recommend.   We don't have Hobby Lobby in Canada so I'm safe from that hazard! 

Be careful about watering down MP - it has varnishes in it, not just glue, so it might not work well being watered down.

I use satin MP as the glossy finish is too much for me and matte too dull. When I apply it, I use a plastic scraper and smooth on as thin a layer I can get. It always works nicely for me and doesn't usually remain too tacky after fully curing. When it is though, I just spot spray it with a little matte sealer.

My first experience with gel sucked ALL the colors out of the papers I was collaging. I was gutted. :{ So now I just stick happily with Elmer's Craft Bond Glue Sticks and Mod Podge (and good ol' Aleene's for the heavier duty papers). I don't have many issues with things coming apart judging by some of the photos I've seen from the receiving end.

My initial question was on address labels coming off of the outside of the envelope- tho' when I first started my collages didn't fare well either.  The problem is that Houston is very hot and humid.  The mail carriers walk to deliver/collect  the mail  and don't have air-conditioning in their vehicles.  So,  more than once  between hanging out in my mail box or during the trip to  the post office the addresses would fall off.  

I think you are right about really thin layers of the gel medium or whatever you use. Interesting about the varnishes in MP, didn't know that. 

I understand heat and humidity-I'm in Florida. :) The only time I had issues with labels coming off was when they were applied to painted envelopes. I stopped doing them for awhile because of that. Now it's mostly collage or stamping and I mostly use Avery True Block labels for addressing-they have good sticking power. When in doubt, Aleene's Tacky Glue is good for peace of mind. It works great for heavier duty applications. 

I thought I saw Gorilla Glue has a glue stick? Maybe it was a mirage in the glue aisle, ha..

I'll look for the gorilla glue, I can think of several uses for that.

For labels and whatnot, I have two Xyron Sticker Makers in 3" and 5" and love them, although I am conservative in using them since they're not the cheapest way to do things. I'm also a big fan of SuperTape- there's a lot of knockoffs of this but basically it's got a clear red backing and is insanely permanent double sided tape. 

I've also recently started experimenting with Avery sticker sheets- they're printer paper sized full sticky back paper. Since I do a lot of stamping/printing, I can stamp directly on them and then boom, I have a sticker. Not my favorite paper, but good in a pinch, plus I can run it through the printer to make artistamps (whenever I get around to making some).

95% of my collage making is done with a glue stick, and I almost exclusively use the thin cardboard that the USPS ships stamps with as a backing. It's a nice middle ground between stiff enough to not warp with glue application plus thin enough to not be too thick to mail. 

I use the Avery paper too, and I found when you spray it with clear acrylic finish (like Rusto-leum) you can make it glossy.




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