It is really important to keep track of your mail so you don't forget to thank a sender, and hopefully, send mail to that sender, in return. 

You need to keep a log. You can devise your own system.

I keep track of addresses in a spread sheet on my computer. I started keeping them in a hand-written journal, but I needed to access the information alphabetically, so I now use a computer. I also write down what they send me, in a quick code, and I always write down what I send them.


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this is all intuitive for me, i have no system, i have 3-4 received pcs. on my desk usually, i answer them in order,

my problem is i usually forget what i send ppl, after years&years u have to go thru yr archives and see who is really

serious about mail-art, i am disappointed often when i don't hear back about a specific mail-art project, then i

have to search online to see if it is posted, and maybe never receive any response by mail. what happened to

"documentation to all participants"? thanks anyway, good luck>>>>>

Bonnie, Carolyn & Carl - Good thoughts.

I too put a check mark and date on the receiver card/envelope. Will also start noting item sent .  A list of names/addresses gets the same date behind a person's name. Posting thanks/photos to the IUOMA website is still hit & miss for me.

Return rate for members and family isn't always 100% but I've resolved that creating and mailing items is the important part.

I've started to noodle over what to too with the growing mountain of artful postcards/envelopes. It may get cannabilized and sent out as new mail art.

I also use an incoming/outgoing MailArt spreadsheet mentioning dates, MailArtists' names and Art description/call. Whenever I have free time and inspiration, I reply. But I know I will never be able to keep up with the most active Artists.


Sur 1 carnet " SPECIAL APPEL avec écrit mon appel , je note les adresses des Artistes des Mails art ayant participés à mon appel et faisant partis de L'IUOMA , sur 1 autre carnet  les adresses des Mail Artistes de L'IUOMA avec qui je deviens amis, 1 autre carnet  les mail artistes  français ,1 autre carnet avec les  appels  auxquels je participe.

J'adore le papier et les carnets.

Je scanne aussi chaque MAIL ART reçu et envoyé que j'enregistre sur 1 clé USB réservée à cet usage.Sur la clé aussi j'enregistre des pages ou j'écris toutes les adresses et décris l'oeuvre reçue

Oh gee, What have I gotten myself into? I'm not so good with records....

Corner of the deal for items needing a reply is my low-teck method.  Check Mark and a date after I've sent something




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