Ya'll I haven't done any mail art lately as I just can seem to find the creativity for it. I've been in a long derth. But I do collect some odd bits of paper that I enjoy. I am an educational consultant and visit schools. Here's a great news sheet I found in the girl's restroom and the student newspaper. I was in Plano, Texas a suburb of Dallas. It's pronounced "plane oh". Names and faces covered since some are minors.

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How cool! I've never heard of restroom news before. that's really covering all the bases!

Ha! I thought so too. But eventually everybody goes there.

I love it that the news is hand written. I guess that's kids going retro.

it's a fascinating concept, but then I guess lately I'm pre-occupied with public bathrooms as I took a selfie in one and am trying to get others to do the same. I think it is kind of a humilating aspect of being human.  not inside the stall mind you

Do you have a selfie in the restroom discussion somewhere?

you know I don't but I should put it here because all of weird trashpoets might help get a collection going. I've always been ob sessed with graffiti and if I thought people wouldn't tear it down it might be cool to put a paper on a bathroom wall somewhere that asks people to draw on it.  will see if I can find it but you have to promise to take one too:)

I bet people would follow it and post pics. Maybe we could take photos of overflowing trash cans in restrooms.

that's a good idea too--but we are gonna look like pervs in the bathroom with out cameras out:)

public bathroom selfie--please post yours!

We have nice new restrooms. Dim lighting though.

awesome!!  yes, lighting in bathrooms is as bad as department store lighting. fluroscent is no ones friend

Good news Holly!!  two more submissions of public restroom selfies!!!!  these from Alicia Starr




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