In this discussions the several ideas connected to the 25 Years Logo will be discussed. A group of Mediadesign students will also take part is this discussion since they have the job to do the lay-out and finalizing the technical stuff in making some PR-concepts. Formal T-Shirts with a final logo will be available in 2013.

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The e-mail to the manager of GAAV|Design was sent out today to make the project proposal for the students. When a final result for the 25 years celebration logo is there, it will be used on the PR-products for the special year 2013.
This is great! I will propose some ideas too...WOW ''25 years'', congratulations.

First talk with students took place last friday. They already made some concepts drawing and are digitizing the results now. I expect to be able to show you some samples within a week.

concept A





Three concepts made by Hakim & Tim from GAAV|Design are now published in this discussion. Please add your comments and mention what you like or would like to be improved..... Ruud Janssen

I have ideas in my mind, just have to take the time to create them. I have a question, what is ''THE'' IUOMA logo? I'm asking because i'm seeing a lot of IUOMA images running here, I don't really know which one is THE one......a simple idea would be adding the words ''25th anniversary'' to it! But doing a special edition logo for the 25th anniversary is also a superb idea that I want to take part of, if I could help. The GAAVIDesign logo is a very nice idea. From my point of view, I imagine something simplier, less details, more colors, showing lots of happyness! Celebrating 25 years is a big thing, it is totally ''HUGE'', very happy for you people. Best Regards, Happy Geneviève :-) PS: hopefully I would be able to past up mine here soon). Good evening!

 reactions. A version with a european mailingbox is also tries out and will follow soon.

IUOMA on the box, that could work as well. I will tell the students to find out if that brings a balance too,,,,

Just put the latest proposal online. Your feedback is welcome....


Some samples of how the logo works on products in the IUOMA shop for the 25 years celebration




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