* You always grab extra copies of free neighborhood newspapers and magazines.

*You go out of your way to take religious and political tracts, flyers, handbills, handouts, Scientology personality tests and crazy person literature on the street.

*There are four pairs of scissors, three craft knives and a box cutter, a pack of Gem blades, Scotch Tape, packing tape, masking tape and electrical tape, fourteen bottles of nail polish, a broken 12" ruler and six kinds of glue in your art supplies box.

*People on five continents know your name and address.

*you figure stamps, postcards and glue into your weekly budget.

*the desk clerk at your residence assumes that anything weird in the mail must be for you.

*comic book collectors literally faint when you cut pix and speech balloons out of old comics.

*you have stacks and stacks of magazines and newspapers in languages you can't speak or read.

*you can eyeball measure postcard and envelope sizes.

*you can _almost_ draw a perfect circle, square, star, Valentine heart or equalateral triangle freehanded.

*you can heft an envelope in your hand and know how much it weighs in stamps.

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24.09.17 Dare Mister Vel Crowe,  ...You are a either a prophet ("For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and lose his own soul".---Mark 8:36) or a psychic (sidekick) & or you knew me in another life. Thanx for posting. SinCelery, Richard Canard

o  Other friends don't know what you're talking about.

o  You're incapable of throwing out an envelope, used or not.

o  Your mate sacredly delivers semi-interesting ad cards to you from the mailbox, assuming they're mail art.

o  You paw through your own garbage cans, and steal from them.

o  You take it as a fundamental violation when the longevity of the postal system is questioned.

o  You wish you'd paid more attention to Carlo Pittore when he talked your ear off at 1989 art union show.

o  When you die, your leave-behinds will be ultra-global no matter what a hermit you were in life.

o  Maps leap off the paper and pulsate like the creatures that inhabit the places they represent.

Something sort of like your third one happened to me just the other day! Me and my boyfriend came in together, so I asked for our mail. when we got on the elevator i checked out what the clerk had handed me -- a postal card with a funny looking design on it that i assumed was art mail for me. since i wasn't wearing my spex i got Racer to read me the return address on it -- it turned out to be *his* mail! (a reminder abot an appointment w/someone) that was just creative and funny-lookin'.

All of the above. People in my family come to me to see what postage they should put on a letter or package because of the last one, I am so this person. AND, I know a lot of US zip codes by heart And I have my traveling Mail Art kit ready at all times. Discuss! ha ha ha

You've just described my studio and my life!!! Thanks, Vel




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