Anybody care to update me as to what's what and how's how? i've never used a site quite like this one before, and all my art trading via mail had a group moderator fielding things, who acted as a central hub focus for the group.

Any suggestions?


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Wow! This format's a kick! I'll try and limit Tag use in future.

Mail-Art has quite a history. Maybe just go for it. The mail-art network is not an exchange club nor is it a formal group. When you stumble upon it, your learning process starts. So many aspects to discover. No central leaders who tell you what to do.

Enjoy the ride....


Ruud -- I love this idea, that one's mail art education starts as soon as one "falls into it"...I've always envisioned the Mail art Network as an enormous river, and everyone takes a dive and starts to swim. 



LOL!!! What a wonderful way to view life, particularly in terms of artistry!


We're dog paddlers at this point, treading water, in part, just to get used to the current or its flow.


A group moderator is not needed here.

Feel free to spread your own creative wings and respond to others with no strings attached.

Have fun.

Oh Boy!

Oh Boy!:

(love that moniker)

Thanks for joining in this discussion! It's a very interesting group you have here. Fascinating people.

And thanks for your input. We like the "creative wings" idea a lot. :)

I hear separate ways of thinking from different quarters here. My own group's reassessing at this point.

Some will tell you, the "no strings attached" idea means we're not obligated to reply to every piece of mail sent us---meaning, those we had no prior contact for.

Then there is one who's certain ALL mail must be replied to if one is embracing group opinion.

In my group in particular, not everybody would like mail art to become the main objective with time. We all love it (myself in particular), yet are busy at times to the point where there may be no time for the answers a random sender might require in order to keep thinking PPStudio's an okay group.

So you see our quandary.

My answer was to pull back before going further, even resetting preferences for our profile's view, and taking our PO Box address down. We're still carrying on toward those with whom we'd established contact first, but are unwilling to go further until we get a better handle on the whole deal.

So, while your enthusiastic response to my question here is gratefully accepted, I and my friends have yet to find our footing at IOUMA.



The term "Oh Boy" captures the excitement I put into and  get out of mail art.

It is truly a no strings attached art form. No response is needed for every item received as it is a gift based network. You do not have to respond to those you have had no prior contact with and/or those you already know. Any responses do not have to be immediate. It is still a joy to get something months or years later.


I will often play a form of ping pong, altering the item and sending it right back to the original sender.

Responding to strangers has connected me with some amazing people.

Totally up to you how you play this game, do not try to apply preconceived rules.



Wow! You take our breath away!

I guess those with rules and regs in mind can take that up in their discussion.

While I like to reply, sometimes my own life's rules get in the way and I must put off that fun or walk away from it totally.

You get my meaning. And thanks!


OH BOY! With apologies to the late, great Buddy Holly:


"All of my mail art
All of my kissin'
You don't know what you've been a-missin'
Oh boy, when you're with me
Oh boy, the world can see
That mail art, was meant, for me"


Regards, Val

Gotta love Buddy's music!


Rave on!


(And that says everything that needs to be said. Ever.)

I'm secretly dancing the new (we assume) "IUOMA Jig," a totally free form dance application which may be danced for any reason, anywhere, at any time, and with any music or none. Today's choice: The B52's "Follow Your Bliss" and also their "Roam."





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