In the last couple of days I've come across a few people in IUOMA who are cat lovers and feature their mogs in their work -- Cheryl Penn (& her Chinchilla, of course), Maria F, Lindsay Stewart are all cat people whom I have corresponded with, and I'm sure there are many others who might be reading this.


So here's a suggestion.....let's see if we can get enough people interested to form a Cat Group. (It will need a better name -- suggestions most welcome.) Works of art from members of this Group would have to feature cats or cat-related things.


My cats -- Bianca and Trouble -- think this is an excellent idea -- and I hope that you do too.


Let me know if you're interested in setting this up?






I attach -- I think, I hope -- an envelope I prepared 'For the Love of Cats' project

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Hey Test - how many cats DO you have??

A great cat! Bravo, bravissimo! Val
Hi Cheryl - I only have the two cats right now. The black and white kittens you saw that Art Tower took when he was at my house last year were all given away - I just have Cotton Pickin' and Kitten Pickin'. The Cotton Picker is really a big cat now, but they both look almost exactly alike. Also, I saw Ol' Cottony devour the biggest dragonfly I have seen in a long while today. Ugh! It was like science fiction!
My apartment is a bit high for dragon flies, but the other day I heard a commotion on the balcony and yelled, "Sam, what are you doing?"

He looked the very picture of innocence with his big eyes and simpering expression. What gave him away were the numerous, still-kicking crane fly legs sticking out from his mouth.
Ah ha! So the Towers -- Art and Test -- have some real world connections (house visits, kittene exchange) as well as nomenclature and mail art ones. We live and learn in the IUOMA community; Regards, Val
Its better than a baby ha-dee-da (sounds like it should be on Fluxius Isle!) Its a real bird - huge - they are grey, about the size of big flying chickens and they sound like screaming cats (no kidding) but anyway, Chocolate caught one the other day - he didn't eat him, he just gave him a heart attack and he died... Very sad.
Great! We need an avatar before we can launch the Cat Group. Maria F said she'd make one this weekend; if she has problems p^roducing it, we could use one -- i favour the first -- of these; Thanks. Regards; LMiaou. etc Val
I like Artflowers sleeping puddies too.
Here I am! Count me in please...if you understand spanish and you visit MY BLOG, then you will uinderstand why I want to join this wonderful project! Hear you!
Dear Kathy, You're IN! We hope to be able to launch the site tomorow (Tuesday). More later. Tot ziens. Regards, Val




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