In the last couple of days I've come across a few people in IUOMA who are cat lovers and feature their mogs in their work -- Cheryl Penn (& her Chinchilla, of course), Maria F, Lindsay Stewart are all cat people whom I have corresponded with, and I'm sure there are many others who might be reading this.


So here's a suggestion.....let's see if we can get enough people interested to form a Cat Group. (It will need a better name -- suggestions most welcome.) Works of art from members of this Group would have to feature cats or cat-related things.


My cats -- Bianca and Trouble -- think this is an excellent idea -- and I hope that you do too.


Let me know if you're interested in setting this up?






I attach -- I think, I hope -- an envelope I prepared 'For the Love of Cats' project

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I'm in on the feature felines!
Still just me - COME ON Cat lovers - UNITE!!
We have Maria F, too -- that makes 3, and counting; Regards, Val
I cant see the envelope?? But I sent you a mail art book today - "When Jelly Beans Grow up they become Chinchillas".
Hi Cheryl! I'm not sure what envelope you are referring to: explain please. Look forward to Jelly Bean/Chinchilla mail art book: so are my mogs.
What's the page size for 'The World is...' please?
Regards, Val
'Love cats and kittens...but not a one in my home (apartment),
however lots and lots in my courtyard...Momsie and many others!

Just Momsie

Dear Momsie and Dear Katerina,

Welcome to the soon-to-be-established Cat Group. We now have 5 Cat People, and I think 9 Cats -- who count double, of course! More on the progresss of the Group later. My Envelopes are (finally!) in the post to you. Regards, Val


          cats are very special,,,,,I have two fantastic cats..Cicero and Martha..I'll be glad to send pictures..EJD Jr.


Hello again! Just seen this after sending you another Reply. Well Momsie can be the Honorary Maternal Member of the Cat Group, and all the others can be Associate Members. You, dear Katerina, can ciase with the Cat Group on their behalf. Regards again, Val
katerina! do they all have their own home? or are they all homeless? they are definately all related - only black and white.

do they have their home?
I have a cat named The Ice Man (a huge Norwegian Forest cat) and he is wondering if any of your cats want to exchange mail art with him...




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