Is there a place where IUOMA members showcase their artworks ?


I am new on IUOMA and am wondering if there is a place like a group on IUOMA site where its members can showcase their artworks?

If there is, I can easily contact members if they are interested in exchanging mail art with me.

If not, can I create a new group for it on IUOMA ? Or can we showcase our artworks here in this thread ?

My hand-carved stamp works can be seen below :

Thank you :-)

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Oops, my works can be seen in my IUOMA profile :-

Hi Kiki.

There is no one place, one page. Some members regularly post photo reproductions of their own works on their pages.

On the IUOMA website, find the Photos button in the top half of the screen, click. Then find the My Albums button click. You are now in that part of your personal page where you can create your own albums. Create an album for stamp impressions, maybe one or two more albums for something else.

You can then upload photos to these albums from time to time by using the Photos - My Photos buttons at the top of your personal page.

Take a look at my work. Here is one of my drawings.

And here are seven pages of my collages (you have to flick through the pages).

I wish you good luck and a great creative mood!

Hi Ilya,

Thank you kindly for your response!

I am on Postcrossing too and there is a thread there where people showcase their handmade postcards and it is pretty active. I was thinking it would be nice if there was the same kind of thread or group here on IUOMA :-)

As you advised me, I will check out the photo section more often and also I will take more time to go through members' profiles from now on.



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