Help asked: Mail art to keep the Museum Jan Cunen alive!?!

Dear all!

I wanted to ask you for a favour, or better said, ask all of you for Help!

Recently I got the sad news that the Museum Jan Cunen in the Dutch city of Oss is threatened with shutting down, within 24 days!..

The city of Oss is not so far from the city of Breda (well-known by IUOMA founder Ruud) and both are in the province of Noord-Brabant.


What can you do to help to try to keep this nice Museum?

- If you can read Dutch (or read it by you could sign the petition.

- If you live close to the city of Oss you could visit the museum tomorrow evening (4th of June at 8 pm), see for more information the website of the museum.

- If you want to send mail art (and that's why all of us are here :-):

You can create supporting mail art, some mail art with the clear message that the Museum Jan Cunen should stay opened and not be closed.
You can find the address on the museum's website
Museum Jan Cunen
Molenstraat 65
5341 GC Oss
Nederland / the Netherlands

You also can send your mail art to me (see my address on my IUOMA page) so I can forward it to the museum,
and/or to be fast: you can scan it before (or instead of) sending and email it to me (, so I will forward it to the museum asap.


Thank you so much!



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I post in Twitter. Whot can ido? Acuse my pour English.

Muchas gracias por su mensaje, Gabriela!!
Hay una petición que puede ser firmada, pero eso es sólo en holandés.

En su lugar, si queres, tal vez puedas hacer una obra de arte correos? En que dice, por ejemplo, "Museum Jan Cunen mag niet verdwijnen" (= El Museo Jan Cunen no debe desaparecer), o, 'Museum Jan Cunen moet blijven' (= El Museo Jan Cunen debe mantenerse), 

Y de la obra pués puedes hacer un imagen digital (por escáner o cámara) y publicarlo aquí, o envíeme por correo electrónico - para que puedo imprimirlo y enviarlo al museo. O puedes enviar por correo usted mismo (pero cuando yo entonces imprimo el imagen digital y lo enviará desde & en los Países Bajos, lo ahorra un poco más tiempo).

Thank you so much, Mariana Serban!

Thank you so much, Mim!



"Closing museums is erasing ideas"


You're so right, and hopefully it'll never happen!

Thank you very much, Eva!


Thank you very much, Ptrzia (tictac)!

My work in progress about the Mueum
Museum Jam Cunen moet blijven.

 Que bonitas obras, muchas gracias, Gaby!

Apoio do Brasil - que bela obra de arte correio, muito obrigado, b Brazil !

What is the current situation of the museum & actions? Is an update possible?

As far as I know, the city authorities still want to continue the high cuts, so the threatening of a shut-down of the museum (which should take place in 2017 as far as I read) isn't over.

In June some people have formed an action committe to devise plans on how to continue. Possibly there will be a collaboration between the museum and other cultural organizations in the region. I'm not sure what the present situation is - as far as I know now we all have to wait and see what the conversations / discussions between the people involved will do.

I'll try to contact people of the museum (alas I don't have much free time at the moment but I'll do my best), and if there is new news, I'll keep you updated.

Anyway many thanks to all who have contributed, they were very pleased with all the works of art from all-over the world!




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