I have.
I wondered what the guy looked like who was producing all that semi-porn stuff -- was he as bad as all that semi-porn stuff, or underneath (don't ask 'Underneath what?') all those name and gender changes (Dada something or other seems to be the latest) what did our very own Superhero look like?
Well, I was wandering round York, England, last Thursday, AND I MET HIM.(Or her. Or it)
He/she/it was there in drag with his moustchioued (?) minder, who I thought might have been de Vilo Sloan, but it turned out to be someone else.
So, boys and girls, here is what our very own Moaning Lisa really looks like.
(Who put some coins in his/her/it's bucket, but got moaned at because I didn't put enough coins in his/her/it's bucket. Stop Moaning, Lisa, or I'll ask for my money back)

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Wow this is like meeting 1 of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse!

I'm scared now.

David, you crack me up.

Val, you have to post this in the bad art MOBA group.

Cute, but can I really make a living doing this in Paris?

Can you make a living doing this in Paris, Dean? Only if you give up your night job as a can-can dancer at le Moulin Rouge.

I am rolling in my chair...the dogs are looking at me like "what the hell is that sound coming from Mom!  Is she ill?"

too funny!!!!

Moaning Lisa (and DVS) are ominously silent on this...I wonder why?


That's hilarious--and I bet the eyes follow you

Diane, that comment is pricelss. Has me giggling in my office.

I think this is great bad perfomance art, which should be nominated fo the MOBA.

(I am not talking about Moan Lisa here, but the images above.)

I like the range of emotions -  cunning Lisa, angry Lisa, moaning lLisa.

I don't judge the artists or the art..but come on people THIS IS FUNNY!!!
Personally, I am a big fan of Moan Lisa's digital art.




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