Since the beginning of my involvement in Mail Art that I keep a digital archive of sent material.

Do you document in any way the Mail Art you send to others? Or do you just let it go its way and forget about it?

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Yes and no. I don't keep a super-perfect archive, instead I do this:

1. I take photos of all my collages and save them in my laptop. Sometimes I want to give up this frequent photographing, because by nature I am an irritable person. :-)

2. I write down all the addresses: the postal addresses of incoming correspondence and the addresses to which I sent it; there is a special word file for this.

There is no time or perseverance for anything beyond that.

I tried to work with photos once, but I didn't like to do it so I went back to my usual method: scan everything with my scanner. I only use take pictures when the works are larger than A4.

Your word file method is interesting. I only have a file with Mail Artist addresses in general.

Well, it is a good to have some sort of documentation about what we are sending and receiving,

Therefore, I just running 2 lists) : ''SENT'' AND ''RECEIVED'' , with current dates: year, month, day. Simple, yet effective. That way I am having all what I need, it is basic, but it means a lot. Otherwise, I wouldn't know by heart what and when and to whom I sent what, and what I received. And then, I always know exactly what's going on.

I don't keep photos.  I keep a spreadsheet with the sent and received dates.

I try to publish everything I receive to thank those who write to me. But scanning what I send.... No! It’s too energy-intensive. Life is too short!

If I hadn't photographed my own collages, I wouldn't be able to post reproductions of my art works here on this portal. But photographing all incoming correspondence becomes more and more difficult every year, as the rhythm of life changes. Maybe I'll stop photographing incoming and thank the senders with a regular letter without pictures.

keep record of the post at my page at this site



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